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Bell Atlantic Warns Consumers: Telemarketers Making False Claims in Vermont

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Bell Atlantic Warns Consumers:

Telemarketers Making False Claims in Vermont

August 28, 1997

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Joan Jamieson


Joan Jamieson

Burlington, VT -- It seems that everyone receives calls from

telemarketers these days. But Bell Atlantic (formerly NYNEX)

is warning consumers about companies who misrepresent themselves

when they call. At least one company calling consumers in Vermont

is falsely claiming to be calling on behalf of NYNEX or Bell

Atlantic, encouraging them to change their long distance carrier.

Bell Atlantic wants consumers to know that we do not yet provide

interstate long distance service in Vermont. Bell Atlantic is

working with federal and state regulators to be able to provide

long distance service in the near future. However, we are not

currently calling customers asking them to select or change to

any specific long distance company.

Most telemarketers represent themselves and their products

honestly -- we ourselves use telemarketing to bring new products

and services to our customers. But consumers who receive calls

from any telemarketer should always exercise caution. Feel free

to ask questions about exactly who is calling and what they are

selling. If you are uncertain about who is calling, ask if you

can call them back. Reputable firms will welcome this type of

careful consumer.

Bell Atlantic suggests that consumers ask to see offers in writing

and read the fine print before signing any agreements or making

any changes to their telephone service. And finally, consumers

should check the monthly phone bill for company names and charges

to be sure they are correct.