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Bell Atlantic-New Jersey Response Statement

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Bell Atlantic-New Jersey Response Statement

July 25, 1997

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Paul Miller


Shannon Fioravanti


Background: Earlier today, AT&T filed an interconnection agreement it
had been negotiating with Bell Atlantic-New Jersey. The long distance
giant filed the agreement with the state Board of Public Utilities
(BPU) without Bell Atlantic's signature or final approval. The
following response may be attributed to Anne S. Babineau, vice
president and general counsel, Bell Atlantic - New Jersey.

"The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has spoken in establishing
rates for Bell Atlantic's competitors. These rates weren't just
pulled out of thin air. The board determined the rates based on the
actual costs of providing service to our competitors in New Jersey.

Bell Atlantic-New Jersey will not abide by AT&T's effort to make an
end run around the BPU. And we will not subsidize the largest
telecommunications company in the world."