Bell Atlantic's Data Services Go Global

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Bell Atlantic's Data Services Go Global

Businesses Now Get Local and Long Distance Data, Voice and Video From a Single Source - Bell Atlantic

June 6, 2000


Maureen Flanagan,

NEW YORK - From Manhattan to Chicago to London and beyond, Bell Atlantic can now make global connections for businesses in New York and outside its region with three new long distance data services.

The company today introduced Global Private Line, Frame Relay and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) data services that promise quick, reliable and efficient information transfer to up to 60 countries around the world. The move enables Bell Atlantic to tap the national and international private line, frame relay and ATM market, which the Gartner Group says is expected to top $38 billion in 2002.

Bell Atlantic's Global Private Line and Frame Relay services are available today; ATM will be out next month. The new offerings enrich Bell Atlantic's portfolio, making it a single source for all networking and communications needs - local and long distance data, voice, and video - and extending its reach well beyond the New York scene, where Bell Atlantic is already a proven leader in data communications.

"Today's business world knows no boundaries," said Veronica Pellizzi, president and chief executive officer of Bell Atlantic Business Services, the organization responsible for providing long distance service to business customers. "Businesses need a data services partner with a robust network and the experience to help them succeed in a world where so much is riding on the swift and dependable delivery of electronic commerce. Bell Atlantic is that partner."

Bell Atlantic will serve businesses of all sizes, including New York-based multinational firms that rely on Bell Atlantic for quality local communications services. The company will work closely with customers to design, install and completely manage the simplest to most complex data networks to suit a client's needs. With over 500 points of presence throughout the world, Bell Atlantic's global data services can be configured to efficiently transmit data locally, nationally or globally.

Today's announcement builds on the successful launch in March of Bell Atlantic's easy to understand long distance calling plans that offer businesses great rates and packages that combine local and long distance service.

"Business customers have responded enthusiastically to our long distance plans because they are straightforward, reasonably priced and deliver great value," said Pellizzi. "Our new data services further enhance Bell Atlantic's long distance portfolio and distinguish the company as a single, trusted source for local and long distance service."

Bell Atlantic won long distance relief in New York last December and is in the process of seeking approval in the District of Columbia and the 12 other states in its Northeast and mid-Atlantic service area.

"Our role as a full service provider will become even more significant as we expand our long distance rollout to other in-region states and further enhance our product set," said Pellizzi.

Businesses can get more information about the company's complete line of local and long distance data, voice and video services by logging onto the company's Web site at

Global Private Line - The 'Always Available' Direct Connection

Bell Atlantic's Global Private Line services deliver dedicated, secure high-speed data, voice and video connections directly between a business and key locations. For instance, Bell Atlantic can connect a business' main office to branch offices or its operations centers to suppliers, vendors, contractors and clients throughout the world. The dedicated lines are available any day, anytime at a flat, monthly rate.

Private lines are perfect for many applications, including integrated voice and data networking; video conferencing; the transfer of medical images and high quality graphics, online access, connecting remote locations and transactions such as billing and credit authorization.

Frame Relay -- Rapid Fire Data on Demand

Bell Atlantic's Global Frame Relay transmits data quickly and efficiently over a business customer's local and wide area networks. By using technology that divides and sends data in "packets" or frames and utilizing bandwidth wisely, frame relay maximizes the use of the customer's network and keeps costs down. In addition, multiple data transmissions can be sent at the same time on a single frame relay link.

Customers that use Bell Atlantic's Global Frame Relay get bandwidth on demand and plenty of network flexibility and reliability. For instance, customers can easily make changes to their network, including expanding to new locations, without major reconfiguration. Bell Atlantic keeps current with the latest technology so customers can be assured their frame relay service will be compatible with new services and applications.

Bell Atlantic also enables Global Frame Relay customers to more efficiently manage their networks with its industry leading Managed Data Network Services (MDNS). This added option gives customers detailed performance reports that specifically identify trouble areas, including problems with customer premise equipment.

Global ATM - The Convergence of Data, Voice and Video

For businesses that require an industrial-size pipe to fire off large amounts of data, voice and video efficiently and reliably, there is Bell Atlantic's Global ATM service. Global ATM employs technology that enables the transmission of data, voice and video traffic on one line at the same time at speeds of more than 155 megabits per second, enough bandwidth to transmit over 2,400 calls at the same time. Its versatility is ideal for applications such as distance learning, medical image transfers, remote court arraignments and other real-time video procedures.

Bell Atlantic offers competitive rates and pricing flexibility for its Global Private Line, Frame Relay and ATM services, including term, volume, multi-service discounts and introduction incentives. All three Global Data services feature a competitive set of service level agreements that measure Bell Atlantic's performance in transmission quality and repair intervals.

New Services Ride on Advanced Network

The company is building a high-efficiency, next-generation data network using Internet Protocol (IP) routers and ATM switching connected by Synchronous Optical Network facilities. This network, already in use in New York, is providing high-speed connectivity in the company's major markets and enabling it to offer integrated data, voice, video and IP services throughout its region.

Through arrangements with other communications providers, Bell Atlantic is extending the capabilities of its network to cities across the United States and around the world to provide complete, end-to-end solutions to national and global customers.

"Data is driving business growth - across the country and around the globe," said Keiko Harvey, president and chief executive officer, Global Networks, Inc., the Bell Atlantic unit responsible for building the company's advanced data network. "We are building a new network to serve the expanding realm of e-business and exciting new Internet applications of the future."

The next-generation network is an extension of Bell Atlantic's local network, one of the country's most efficient and advanced communications networks. With digital switching serving more than 99 percent of its access lines and 5.6 million miles of fiber optic cable, Bell Atlantic's local network has more fiber than any of the major long distance or cable TV companies.

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and information industry. With more than 44 million telephone access lines and more than 20 million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's largest investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations and investments in 23 countries.

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