Bell Atlantic's VisuaLink Multimedia Call Center Gives Businesses New Virtual Locations

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DALLAS & WASHINGTON, D.C. - Businesses can now create inexpensive virtual branch offices or customer service centers without giving up face-to-face personal contact with their customers.

It's all possible with the VisuaLinkTM Multimedia Call Center, introduced today by Bell Atlantic.

VisuaLink integrates videoconferencing, automatic multimedia call distribution, call center features and a range of network transport technologies. With these capabilities, businesses can create effective retail outlets for selling complex products and delivering personalized customer service and reducing expenses.

VisuaLink lets small retail branches provide the same services as larger locations, reducing their need for as many subject matter experts, while increasing customer access to them. It also gives customers access to "live" subject matter experts from convenient locations where it's not viable to have a larger presence.

Each VisuaLink customer station can be configured with a personal computer and touch-screen, printer, video camera and codec, document and ID scanner, magnetic card reader, signature capture device, and even a cash dispenser and deposit drawer.

Businesses can place personal computers with touch-screens in office-like locations or into branded kiosks - anywhere they want to reach potential or existing clients. Customers use the touch-screen to get information about products and services and to initiate two-way audio and video calls with service representatives.

Once connected, the customer and agent can view specific information and complete application forms, view graphical material or video clips, do synchronized Web browsing and complete transactions - all in real time. For example, the agent could send the customer a mortgage application form, assist in completing it and have the client sign the electronic application on a signature capture device at the kiosk. A hard copy of the final document, complete with signature, can then be printed locally at the kiosk for the customer's records.

Unlike other systems that offer some but not all these functions, VisuaLink uses industry standard, open-architecture hardware and software platforms. This makes it easy to customize the user interface and offers unique branding opportunities.

The system uses Pentium®-based PCs, common touch screens, standard browser software, Microsoft® NetMeeting software to support application sharing, and video components from leading manufacturers.

Many industries can use the VisuaLink Multimedia Call Center technology.

Banking/Financial Services

VisuaLink makes it possible to open new branch locations without hiring onsite staff and to expand remote service offerings beyond those of traditional automatic teller machines.


VisuaLink eliminates the need to hire and train specialists at numerous store locations. It is especially useful for selling complex or expensive products.


VisuaLink stations at auto dealerships can help sell auto insurance. Stations at major business locations could handle employee health insurance open enrollment.


VisuaLink can boost the efficiency of companies working to provide the same or higher levels of services while reducing the number of staffed locations.

Call Center Services, a unit of Bell Atlantic Data Solutions Group, helps contact centers of all sizes manage calls, emails, and web traffic with fully-integrated multimedia and computer-telephony products, services, and support.

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