Campaign For 1-800-54NYNEX Calling Cards Hits New York City Streets

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August 26, 1996

CONTACT: NYNEX, New York John Bonomo, 212/395-0500

Campaign For 1-800-54NYNEX Calling Cards Hits New York City Streets

NEW YORK--Aug. 26, 1996--NYNEX tomorrow will roll out a promotional campaign for its new 1-800-54NYNEX calling card.


A convoy of four eye-catching Hum-Vees, or Hummers, "shrink-wrapped" to depict NYNEX Calling Cards, will begin rolling through New York City streets tomorrow to promote the first calling card from a major local telephone company that gives consumers the ability to get their calls through to anywhere.

Through a contract with Sprint Communications Co., LP, NYNEX customers are now able to access a variety of services by first dialing
1-800-54NYNEX (1-800-546-9639). Customers can make local, regional, long-distance or international calls from any location in the U.S.

Local and regional calling within the NYNEX calling area are handled by NYNEX. All other calls are handled by Sprint -- all at affordable rates.

"Dialing 1-800-54NYNEX gives customers rate certainty; easy, one-step access; and the ability to always reach NYNEX from any phone in our local service area -- with guaranteed low NYNEX rates for local and regional calls," said Joan Lawlor, managing director for NYNEX's People-in-Motion market.

To make a calling card call after dialing 1-800-54NYNEX, customers can listen to the announcements, or bypass them by simply dialing "1."
Customers can then dial the area code and number they are calling, then their calling card number and PIN, as they always have. When dialing the 800 number, customers also have the option to make collect calls.

In addition, customers can still reach other long-distance carriers to handle their call.

"Using the new 1-800-54NYNEX calling card, customers have nothing new to memorize since they are still using their existing calling card numbers and PINs," Lawlor said. Generally, this is a residential customer's main 10-digit telephone number, plus PIN.

Lawlor added, "Using 1-800-54NYNEX is also a great way for customers to protect themselves from being unwittingly surprised by the exorbitant
rates and calling card surcharges some 'no-name' phone companies charge."

NYNEX plans ad campaigns in New York and Boston. In New York, a teaser radio campaign started recently using the musical theme, "Card 54, Where Are You?" -- a throwback to the old television show "Car 54." This week -- a week prior to a run of 3-D billboards -- a billboard in Times Square asks the teaser question, "What does it take to get through to people?"

Advertising will appear in transit areas, on the road and at airports, and includes the billboards, shrink-wrapped buses -- and the shrink-wrapped Hummers.

The Hummers are the focus of local radio promotions as well. The vehicles will be used to drive contest winners to hard-to-get-to-events -- such as sold-out concerts and sports events.

"This unique and integrated communications package will help NYNEX take advantage of venues that will put people in the mind set to dial the new 1-800-54NYNEX access number. We are very excited about this program and have received very positive feedback on our 'Card 54 Where Are You?' radio spots. We're also looking forward to generating additional excitement with the NYNEX Card 54 Hummer campaign and radio tie-ins," said Janet Keeler, NYNEX vice president of Marketing Communications.

"The Hummer is the perfect vehicle to deliver our message," said Adam Sholley, director of the NYNEX account at Arnold Communications in Boston, which developed the ad and promotional campaign. "It stands out on the street -- and like the new NYNEX Calling Card, with 1-800-54NYNEX, it's designed to be able to get through anywhere."

NYNEX is a global communications and media corporation that provides a full range of services in the northeastern United States and high-growth markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Thailand, Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The corporation is a leader in telecommunications, wireless communications, directory publishing and video entertainment and information services.

FAX copies of recent NYNEX news releases are available free of charge, 24 hours a day. Call 1-800-331-1214 and an automated system will provide instructions.

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