October 17, 1995

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Campus Minicell to Deliver Discounted Service

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Carnegie Mellon University

and BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile are once again teaming

up to advance wireless technologies in the latest initiative to

enhance telecommunications services for the university's faculty,

staff, and students.

Carnegie Mellon Telecommunications and BELL ATLANTIC

NYNEX Mobile worked together to develop and initiate CMU

Cellular Service, a specially designed campus cellular plan, operating

on a minicell serving the University.

Mary L. Pretz-Lawson, head of the Telecommunications Department

at Carnegie Mellon, said interest in wireless services has rapidly

increased over the last few years among departments within the

university and individuals on campus.

"Departments that participated in the initial one-number,

one-phone Personal Line trial several years ago, as well as others

that heard about it, exhibited a strong interest in having wireless

service more readily available," Pretz-Lawson explained.

"Departments indicated to us that their ability to deliver

services was greatly enhanced when they could use their cellular

phone throughout the campus."

The enhanced wireless service at the campus enables faculty

and students alike to take advantage of the benefits of instant

communications. Faculty and support staff will be more easily

accessible through the phone they can carry with them.

Groups that participated in the initial Personal Line trial

found wireless communication to be particularly useful for people

who travel around the campus as part of their jobs. University

Relations, for example, coordinates events scattered over the

campus. Computing Service Data Communications and Telecommunications

technicians work in every building installing equipment and performing

repairs. The Drama staff prepares up to 15 productions per year

that require considerable coordinating and lots of mobility.

Students can benefit from the added mobility, greater safety

and security and the advantage of a reduced monthly access fee.

Bell Atlantic Mobile invited the University into the

wireless arena nearly three years ago for the trial of the company's

Personal Line system, the first-of-its-kind test of one-number,

one-phone service in the country. That initial partnership laid

the groundwork for a relationship between the organizations for

which the two have coupled research capabilities with leading

wireless technologies.

"With the Personal Line trial, we established the blueprint

for delivering wireless services that erase barriers between your

car, your office, and your home phone," explained Jerry Fountain,

regional vice president for BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile.

"Now we're responding to trial participants and others

on the campus who want to continue to take advantage of wireless

communications," Fountain said.

To provide the special campus plan, BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX

Mobile installed a minicell on the campus and is using the infrastructure

that was put in place for the Personal Line trial.

CMU Cellular Service consists of two special pricing plans.

The University Plan was designed for departments wishing to provide

cellular phone service for staff and faculty members. The Personal

Plan is available to any staff, faculty, or students needing a

cellular phone for personal use. Both plans have reduced monthly

access charges and special airtime rates with the University Plan

offering an even lower airtime cost for on-campus use.

"We tailored this program to the needs of users at Carnegie

Mellon," Fountain explained. "Our intent is to work

with other large organizations to develop individual programs

that address their specific communications needs."

BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile is the largest wireless

service provider on the East Coast and the second largest provider

in the United States. The company offers a full range of wireless

voice, data, and paging communications solutions to its three

million customers in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and

through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. The company

was formed in July 1995 through the combination of Bell Atlantic

Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's cellular operations. The new

company has more than 5,000 employees.

The company's Pittsburgh Regional headquarters are in McCandless

Township with the following Communications Stores: Downtown Pittsburgh,

2 PPG Place; North Hills, 4930 McKnight Road; South Hills, 2895

Banksville Road; Robinson Town Centre, 1970 Park Manor Boulevard;

Shadyside, 810 South Aiken Avenue; Monroeville, 3828 William Penn

Highway; Greensburg, Westmoreland Mall; Butler, Moraine Point

Plaza. BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile has sales kiosks

in the Ross Park Mall and the Indiana Mall.

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