CDPD Allows New Yorkers to Send Data "Packets" Directly Over Cellular Network

September 21,1995

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CDPD Allows New Yorkers to Send Data "Packets"
Directly Over Cellular Network


NYNEX Mobile (BANM) today introduced in New York City its

new mobile data service that is revolutionizing business communications.

BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile AirBridge(SM) Packet

service is the first Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) system

available for commercial use in New York City.

"Whether it results in a taxi company equipping its cabs

with credit card devices, or a commuter checking for e-mail messages

on the way into Grand Central Station, CDPD is a suitable mode

of data communication," said Rick Conrad, BELL ATLANTIC

NYNEX Mobile President-New York metro region. "With

CDPD, our customers have a variety of cellular services that let

them communicate as they prefer -- by voice, facsimile, e-mail,

and now the leading edge packet data service. Cellular is the

one platform that can already support all these services."

BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX Mobile is making the service

available across all of Manhattan. Coverage in the New York area

is also available in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Rockland

and Northern New Jersey. The company is continuing to build coverage

in the remaining New York City boroughs and on Long Island.

CDPD is a technology that efficiently transmits short bursts

or "packets" of data over the cellular infrastructure.

Its completely open and widely supported standard offers inherent

encryption to protect the user's data, and its specification is

based on the widely used Internet protocol (TCP/IP) for ease of

implementation by customers.

CDPD enables a wide variety of applications in healthcare, field

service, finance, alarm service and other fields. For example,

CDPD today can allow a taxicab company in New York to equip its

vehicles with devices designed to accept credit card "swipes."

This type of wireless credit card transaction allows the authorization

process to be completed in as little as four seconds and costs

just a few pennies. The fare is charged automatically, eliminating

the need to pay with cash.

In the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area, Groton,

CT, and Bridgewater, NJ, police use CDPD to connect their cruisers

to a variety of law enforcement databases. This week, New Jersey-based

Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) announced plans to

equip 750 field service technicians with CDPD-enabled computers

to serve its customers more efficiently.

"CDPD technology lets us augment our existing, highly developed

wireless network so we can give service to customers quickly and

economically," said Conrad.

New York City's mobile workers can now regain much of the productivity

they lose while away from their desks by using CDPD to send and

receive e-mail with portable computers or personal digital assistants.

Public and private service providers can use CDPD to monitor

and control devices such as traffic lights, meters, alarm systems,

or vending machines.

"The New York metro area contains the greatest concentration

of business in the country, and those businesses need the productivity

gains wireless data can provide. Our AirBridge services fill

those customers' needs," said Conrad.

The new AirBridge Packet (CDPD) service joins the other wireless

data services presently offered by BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX

Mobile: AirBridge Fax, AirBridge Circuit-switched Solutions, and

AirBridge Gateway.

In April 1994, Bell Atlantic Mobile launched the nation's

first large scale CDPD data networks, in Washington, Baltimore,

and Pittsburgh. Since then, service has been introduced in Connecticut,

New Jersey, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Charlotte. Commercial service

is planned for Boston by year end. BELL ATLANTIC NYNEX

Mobile is also a founding member of the CDPD Forum, Inc., a trade

association dedicated to improving and promoting the technology

and furthering a nationwide system of interconnected networks.

With more than three million customers, BELL ATLANTIC

NYNEX Mobile is the largest wireless service provider on

the East Coast and the second largest provider in the United States.

Headquartered in Bedminster, N.J., the company offers a full

range of wireless voice, data and paging communications solutions

to customers in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast and, through

a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. Formed in July 1995

through a combination of Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX

Mobile's cellular operations, the company has more than 5,000

employees. The company's NY/NJ metro region is based in Orangeburg,

NY, and employs more than 600 area residents.

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