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Dads Prefer Electronic Gadgets Over Tools on Father's Day

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DALLAS - Most dads can be characterized as Family Men and Mr. Fix-Its, or simply defy description, according to a survey. The survey, conducted on ( in June with more than 700 respondents, asked users which characteristic best described their own father. Sportsmen, Couch Potatoes and Professors barely registered on the survey.

Although most respondents will honor their fathers on June 18, many also indicated that they will honor their husbands and other relatives, as well. The survey shows that while 15 percent of fathers can expect a gift of tools, 24 percent of fathers would prefer electronic gadgets over power tools.
Other findings showed that many fathers prefer a steak dinner or home cooking to more exotic fare, and most would prefer to spend a day with their family above all else.

"As a new father, I have to say that I prefer to spend Father's Day with my family," said Darrin Rayner, assistant vice president of sales at and father of two sons under two years old. "But I certainly wouldn't turn down the gift of a lawn mowing service or babysitter occasionally to enjoy a night out."

One of the most curious findings is that 17 percent of fathers who responded believe that their own fathers don't want to receive anything for Father's Day.
Mother's Day spending still outpaces that for Father's Day, however. According to the survey, 74 percent of fathers spent more than $26 on the mothers in their lives. Only 62 percent of all respondents (including fathers) claim they will spend more than $26 on their dads.

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