Don't Email The Old Fashioned Way

Don't Email The Old Fashioned Way

With Verizon Wireless Business Customers Can Use Voice Commands to Access Corporate Email, Make Calls and Access Internet-Based Content

October 17, 2002


Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless service provider and a leader in mobile data, today announced the availability of Voice Gear, a new suite of services that lets subscribers access personal corporate email, make calls and access news, weather, sports and other content from their wireless phone using voice commands. Because Verizon Wireless has the most expansive nationwide wireless network, access to email using Voice Gear is now just a phone call away.

With Voice Gear's Email Reader, subscribers can listen to and manage corporate email over their Verizon Wireless handset. While on the Verizon Wireless national network, subscribers can easily dial into the service by pressing #VG (#84) on the keypad and saying "Corporate Access." Voice Gear then allows subscribers to manage their email from the phone: listen, reply, compose, forward, delete, and store emails - just like the keyboard-based capabilities on Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes today. Spontaneous Technology's (ST) VPN technology enables Voice Gear's corporate access features. ST provides easily administered software that allows enterprises to extend secure access to applications behind the corporate firewall.

"Because email has virtually become the de facto choice for business communication, access is critical," said Jim Straight vice president of wireless data and Internet services for Verizon Wireless. "Logging on to email from a laptop or PDA isn't always possible due to time constraints, which makes this solution so appealing. Our Voice Gear customers can now get their emails in a taxi in between appointments or in the airport between connecting flights."

Voice Gear also gives subscribers Voice Activated Dialing that allows them to add up to 2,000 contacts and also lets subscribers store a multitude of addresses, seven phone numbers and up to three email addresses for each contact - a contact directory that will service even the busiest corporate executive.

In addition, Voice Gear's Voice Browsing gives access to Internet-based content, using voice commands, which include news, weather and sports updates, business page, financial information and more. For the corporate executive, consultant or frequent traveler, Voice Gear gives them voice-activated flight tracking and weather information to help them better manage their travel days.

Verizon Wireless Voice Gear services are powered by voice software technology from HeyAnita Inc., the leading provider of enhanced voice software solutions to the telecommunications market.

Voice Gear Email Reader is available to Verizon Wireless business accounts with existing or new wireless service for $9.99 per month. Both business accounts and consumers can enjoy Voice Gear's Voice Activated Dialing or Voice Browsing, each for just $4.99 per month with any calling plan. Voice Gear's Voice Activated Dialing and Voice Browsing are also available at extra savings in a bundled package for $8.99 per month. Normal airtime charges apply while using Voice Gear. For more information on Voice Gear from Verizon Wireless, visit www.verizonwireless.com.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the nation's leading provider of wireless communications. The company has the largest nationwide wireless voice and data network and 30.3 million customers. Headquartered in Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more information on the Web at www.verizonwireless.com.

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