Elvis Is No Longer The King, Al Gore Reminds Us O f Eggs, And Mom Is Still No. 1

Elvis Is No Longer The King, Al Gore Reminds Us Of Eggs, And Mom Is Still No. 1

Imagine What Else You Might Discover If You Kept Track of America's Daily Restaurant Specials

September 10, 1997

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Rosie O'Donnell reigns supreme as the celebrity most often found among U.S. restaurants' daily specials, followed by Ellen Degeneres, Elvis, John Wayne and Dolly Parton (Yes, Rosie and Ellen beat out Elvis). As for the connection between Al Gore and eggs, even BigYellowSM can't explain why nine times out of 10, eggs are an ingredient in a daily special named for the Vice President.

BigYellow (bigyellow.com), the nation's leading online shopping service that lists almost every business, including restaurants, in the United States, recently polled restaurants nationwide about their daily specials. BigYellow's "Belly Barometer" uncovered various eating trends around the country, as well as the impact of outside influences on the daily specials that are offered.

Mom is No. 1! The survey found that mom, mother or mother's is the No. 1 word used in the naming of daily specials. What's more, daily specials named after mom tend to be 15 percent higher in price than those without it. Not only are these maternal specials costlier, they are also an unbelievably 43 percent higher in fat than their no-name counterparts.

According to the Belly Barometer, even political affiliation has an affect on the daily special offerings in each city. For instance, cities with a Republican mayor have 15 percent more red meat specials than those with a Democrat at the helm, which tend to serve more fried food, goat cheese and pesto.

Even though talk shows and food columns are filled with light summer fare, red meat and heavy sauce specials actually rise in popularity when summer temperatures flare above 90ºF. And, according to the survey, Fat Tuesday will have to be renamed, since it's actually the lowest calorie day of the week, 40 percent less caloric than Thursday, the fattiest day of the week.

Finally, investors who want to strike it rich on Wall Street may now want to look to the prices of area restaurants' daily specials before making any costly decisions. The Belly Barometer uncovered a correlation between daily special prices and the Dow -- when special prices decrease we've seen the Dow go up, and when specials prices increase we've seen the Dow go down.

An informal survey, the Belly Barometer was developed to showcase BigYellow's latest technology, which will soon enable restaurants to post their specials online everyday. "With BigYellow's latest upgrade, restaurateurs can go beyond a description of the static attributes of their restaurants -- location, credit card policy and decor -- and include changing aspects like menu specials, daily events, and even the prices of their signature dishes," said William Wise, president of Bell Atlantic Electronic Commerce Services, providers of BigYellow.

The Belly Barometer team polled numerous restaurants in seven major metropolitan areas around the country (Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles) over a two-week period from July 21 to Aug. 3.

Belly Barometer results will be posted in BigYellow's Dining Section on Sept. 17. With thousands of advertisers, and millions of visitors each month, BigYellow continues to lead the online shopping industry in combined sales and usage. Having provided electronic directory services for more than a decade, Bell Atlantic launched its first online directory in 1991 and was first on the Web with a national directory in October 1995.

In addition to its 17 million U.S. business listings, BigYellow features 100 million U.S. residential listings, a national directory of 15 million E-mail addresses, and links to directories in 39 foreign countries. BigYellow has strategic relationships with Infoseek, Inc., NBC, Four11, and CNN Interactive, as well as more than 40 content partners for the most popular topics on its service. Unique in the industry, BigYellow employs a full-time Customer Services staff that answers calls during business hours at 1-888-BIGYELLOW.

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