EuroTel Praha Celebrates 200,000 Customers

EuroTel Praha Celebrates 200,000 Customers

Growth surpasses all estimates; customer base quadruples
since July '96

March 24, 1997

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Prague, Czech Republic - EuroTel Praha, Bell
Atlantic's wireless investment in the Czech Republic, announced it now
has 200,000 analog and GSM (Global System for Mobile) customers. The
company said the speed with which the customer base is growing exceeds
all original estimations. Since July 1996, when EuroTel Praha's GSM
Global service was launched, the company's total customer base has

EuroTel Praha is the only wireless provider in the Czech Republic to
offer both analog NMT 450 and digital GSM service. Today, EuroTel GSM
Global covers 68 percent of the licensed territory where79 percent of
the population lives. The company's EuroTel Classic (analog) service
covers 96 percent of the territory inhabited by 98 percent of the

According to EuroTel Praha Managing Director Mac Allman, "EuroTel
its first 100,000 clients in five years, and the next 100,000 clients
in less than five months. The Czech Republic is now host to one of the
fastest growing cellular businesses in the world.

"Including the clients of our rival company, the total market size
the Czech Republic is now approximately 250,000, which means that
already two out of every 100 citizens in the Czech Republic is now
using a cellular phone."

In 1997, the company plans to expand its GSM network, improve signal
quality in certain areas, and bring new services to market. EuroTel
Praha has already begun offering its "Region Programme," a zone
pricing plan designed for customers who use their phones mainly in a
single town or city. The Region Programme gives customers a reduced
per-minute airtime rate for all calls made or received while in their
selected zone. The company recently made its first zone, in Moravia,
available to its analog customers.

The company also plans to offer other innovative services to Czech
customers, including data, text messaging, and Internet access through
cellular phones.