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Fairfax, Va. City Council Grants Verizon Franchise to Offer FiOS TV to 8,000 City Homes

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FAIRFAX, Va. - The City of Fairfax Council Tuesday night (Sept. 27) voted unanimously to grant Verizon a cable franchise, setting the stage for genuine cable competition for the city's 8,000 households. The council's action follows Monday night's unanimous Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' approval of a franchise allowing Verizon to offer 351,000 homes choice for cable service there. In addition, the town of Herndon and the Marine Corps base at Quantico have granted Verizon cable franchises in Virginia, and the company also has obtained franchises in California, Florida, New York and Texas, where a landmark new law will allow Verizon and other new video entrants to apply for a statewide franchise that meets the financial needs of localities while bringing cable TV choice to consumers more quickly. The following may be attributed to Robert W. Woltz Jr., president of Verizon Virginia.

"The Fairfax City Council has brought closer the day when this city's residents can choose their cable TV provider as easily as they now choose their phone provider. We applaud the efforts of Mayor Lederer, the city staff and the City Council to give their constituents the freedom of choice for their cable service.

"Competition translates to better service, better products and better value, and we look forward to offering all these via our FiOS TV Service in Fairfax City, Fairfax County, the town of Herndon and other localities as we obtain additional franchises."

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