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Greek Mobile Carrier's Prepaid Sales Plan Develops

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Greek Mobile Carrier's Prepaid Sales Plan Develops

Stet Hellas agreement sells B Free service through Eastman
Kodak shops

July 21, 1999


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Deppie Tzimea-Houliarakis, 011-301-618-6160

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George Rallis 011-301-618-6585

ATHENS, Greece -- Take a picture, take home a B Free.
Greek mobile carrier Stet Hellas's popular prepaid mobile
telephone service, B Free by Telestet, has become easier to take
home with the addition of Kamera Avete, Greece's network of
Eastman Kodak photo shops, to Stet Hellas's growing network of
retail distributors.

Thirty-five of the popular shops, which sell Eastman Kodak
products and services, have started selling B Free phone packages
and recharge scratch cards. More are planning to do the same in
coming weeks, under an exclusive agreement between the two
companies, increasing Stet Hellas's Telestet brand presence in the

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Stet Hellas Telecommunications S.A. is at the forefront of the
mobile communications industry in Europe. To its growing base of
more than 928,000 customers in Greece, the company's Telestet
brand stands for innovative services and the latest in
communications technology. The company's shareholders include
Stet Mobile Holdings NV, Bell Atlantic and the Interamerican
Group. The company's stock is publicly traded on the NASDAQ
(STHLY) and Amsterdam (STHLS) exchanges. Internet users: Visit
our NEW web site at