Grupo Iusacell Announces One Millionth Customer

Grupo Iusacell Announces One Millionth Customer

July 29, 1999


Francisco Soroa, Grupo Iusacell


Mexico City -- After disclosing positive results last
week for the second quarter of 1999, including a 73% increase in
its subscriber base compared with the second quarter of 1998,
Grupo Iusacell, S.A de C.V. [BMV; IUSACELL, NYSE: CEL and
CEL.D], today announced its one-millionth customer.

This achievement once again demonstrates Iusacell's ability to
consolidate long-term strategies for providing high-quality digital
wireless communications, and is a result of the opening of the
Mexican telecommunications market, the implementation of Bell
Atlantic's wireless model, the introduction of "Calling Party
Pays," and the continuous modernization of its
telecommunications networks.

At the end of the second quarter, Iusacell had 951,000
customers and registered its third consecutive quarter of net
income. Even as it continues to exploit growing economies of
scale, the company's strategy is focused on attracting high-
usage customers for its digital and prepaid services.

Grupo Iusacell is a leading independent telecommunications
company in Mexico. It is the wireless cellular service provider in
four of Mexico's nine regions in the central portion of Mexico
(including Mexico City) covering a total of 67 million POPs
(potential customers) - representing 69% of the country's total
population. The auctions won for wireless services in regions 1
and 4 in northern Mexico cover an additional 11 million POPs, or
11% of Mexico's total population. Since February 1997, the
Company has been under the management and operating
control of Bell Atlantic, which owns through its subsidiaries, 47%
of Iusacell's capital stock.