GTE and Wireless Link make it easy and affordable to track freight and vehicles.

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ATLANTA - It's 12:01 a.m. Do you know where your lobsters are? Today, consumers can send a package worth $8 and get up-to-the-minute details on its location, but trucking companies sending pallets of merchandise worth thousands of dollars find it hard to get details about their status and location. GTE Wireless and Wireless Link have melded technological advances to address this challenge by creating a reliable, fast and inexpensive way to remotely track and manage various types of assets and vehicles-- while in transit or in use throughout North America. Commercial delivery, fleet maintenance, heavy equipment and automotive companies are just a few of the industries who can track mobile assets using this new wireless technology.

Wireless Link Corporation recently developed AssetVisionTM, an asset location and monitoring product that collects, processes and delivers information using GTE's WIN4 national wireless network. The product can be used to monitor truck and trailer fleets, heavy equipment, service vehicles and other high-value assets.

Wireless Link is the first company to offer WIN4-compatible hardware including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) communication modules for application developers who want to use WIN4 technology. GTE Wireless is the first company, through its WIN4 network, to span all of North America with wireless data coverage.

Automobile manufacturers, trucking and delivery companies, railways, construction and equipment companies and insurance firms can use AssetVision to perform many functions. These include: remotely monitoring engine usage, temperatures, oil pressure, vehicle voltage, cargo weight and peripheral devices, along with geographic location, driving distances and vehicle speed. These services are important to companies interested in providing just-in-time vehicle maintenance, monitoring driver safety, avoiding property theft, and other automated services.

"With Wireless Link hardware, companies can speed deployment of national wireless solutions while minimizing applications development costs," said Philip L. Forbes, GTE Wireless assistant vice president-carrier and wholesale services, "AssetVision offers an 'off-the-shelf' solution. Wireless Link puts it all together to create a true national turnkey solution. The company saw the possibilities of the WIN4 technology and ran with it."

"We see GTE's WIN4 network as an integral part of the proliferation of wireless monitoring services with a one-stop source for nationwide coverage and inexpensive service," says Daniel Goehl, Wireless Link's Director of Sales & Marketing. "GTE's technology combined with low-cost, flexible, hardware solutions from Wireless Link will allow companies to finally enjoy the benefits of economically tracking and managing vehicle information on a large-scale."

About GTE Wireless

GTE Wireless, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, provides wireless voice and data telecommunications services to more than 6.9 million customers in 18 states. GTE Wireless is part of GTE Corp. (NYSE: GTE). More information is available at

About Wireless Link

Wireless Link Corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, provides innovative, cost-effective, wireless communications products for mobile and fixed asset management applications. Founded in 1987, Wireless Link has developed and licensed cellular hardware platforms, embedded firmware and DSP technologies to major handset manufacturers and leading communications companies and is leveraging these technologies to produce highly integrated hardware and software architectures aimed at meeting the market demands for economical mobile and fixed cellular telemetry solutions. More information is available at

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