GTE brings affordable long-distance calling to consumers with lowest per-minute flat rate of all major long-distance carriers.

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IRVING, Texas -- GTE today introduced a

long-distance flat-rate calling plan for consumers. The new plan,

which offers residential customers a 14 cents per minute rate,

is yet another step in GTE's successful long-distance strategy.

With GTE's One Easy Rate(sm), consumers

can make direct-dialed long-distance calls to anyone, any time,

anywhere in the United States for just 14 cents per minute.

"This plan truly takes the guesswork

out of long-distance calling," said Rob McCoy, president

of GTE Long Distance. "No more watching the clock, waiting

for discount rates to take effect. With our plan, it's One Easy

Rate, what we believe is the best flat rate you will find, all

the time."

The plan has no monthly or enrollment fees

and is initially available to consumers in 27 states where GTE

also offers other services.

"There are several types of consumers

who benefit from a flat-rate plan -- those who do most of their

long distance calling during the day, and those who like the simplicity

of one rate, no matter when they call. We're happy to be able

to offer these consumers an affordable flat-rate calling plan,"

McCoy added. "And, we're even more pleased to be able to

bring it to them at such an attractive price."

Consumers interested in enrolling in GTE's

One Easy Rate should call 1-800-GTE-3737.

Last month GTE unveiled its flat-rate plan

for business customers' domestic and international calling needs,

which also offered rates as low as 14 cents per minute.

GTE, the first of its peers to enter the

long-distance business, began offering long-distance service in

March 1996. To date, the company offers service in all 50 states

and has amassed a customer base of over 800,000 customers nationwide.

One of the largest publicly held telecommunications

companies in the world, GTE is also the largest U.S.-based local

telephone company and a leading cellular-service provider in the

United States -- with wireline and wireless operations that form

a market area covering about one-third of the U.S. population.

Special note to editors: The following chart

compares GTE 's One Easy Rate(sm) to other plans:

Long Distance Company

Per Minute Rate*

GTE's One Easy Rate


Sprint Sense Day


MCI True Rate


AT&T; One Rate


* Information current as of December 19,


Additional information about GTE can be

found on the INTERNET at


GTE Long Distance Fact Sheet

General Information:

  • President: Robert (Rob) McCoy

  • Headquarters: Irving, Texas
  • Media contact: Barbara Bellinghausen, 972-717-8203
  • Entered long distance market on March 4, 1996 in Michigan

    and Minnesota.

  • Long distance service now available in all 50 states.

GTE offers the following calling plans for

residential customers:

  • The GTE Easy Savings Plan(sm) offers residential customers

    savings on all their long distance calling. Consumers who spend

    $10 per month on long distance will save 10 percent. Those who

    spend $25 per month, will save 25 percent. For a $25 a month customer,

    that means rates of about 10 cents per minute during off-peak

    hours (after 7 p.m. weekdays and all day weekends and holidays)

    and about 20 cents during peak hours.

  • GTE's One Easy Rate(sm) gives consumers the convenience

    of making direct-dialed long distance calls to anyone, any time,

    anywhere in the U.S. for just 14 cents per minute. The plan has

    no enrollment or monthly fees and is available to consumers in

    27 states where GTE also offers other services.

    For business customers, GTE offers

    the following plans:

    • The GTE Easy Savings Plan for Business(sm) offers business

      customers savings of up to 35 percent depending on usage volumes

      and term commitment.

    • For businesses with moderate to heavy monthly long distance

      usage, the GTE Easy Savings(sm) Flat Rate Plus Plan offers

      a per minute rate as low as 14 cents. The plan carries no monthly

      fee and has a minimum monthly usage requirement of $10. For businesses

      with lower monthly usage, the GTE Easy Savings(sm) Flat Rate

      Plan has rates as low as 15 cents per minute, depending on

      term commitment. The plan has no minimum usage requirement and

      carries a monthly fee of $5.

    • GTE's International Flat Rate Plan(sm) guarantees business

      customers one low per-minute rate per country called. No matter

      what time of day or night the call is placed, the price per minute

      is always the same. For example, calls to Great Britain are a

      low 45-cents per minute.

      For more information on these plans, residential

      customers should call

      1-800-GTE-3737. Business customers can learn more by calling 1-800-PICK-GTE.

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