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GTE and Cylink Corporation announce world's first ATM information-security encryption system

January 31, 1996

NEEDHAM, Mass., January 31, 1996 -- GTE and Cylink Corporation today announced the immediate availability of the world's first Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cell encryptor, called InfoGuard 100. The product combines the security of private networks with the advantages of public ATM service.

InfoGuard 100 provides end-to-end protection of sensitive data through a public or private ATM network. It does this by creating a virtual private network, which can be compared to a tunnel that passes through a public network, while, at the same time, reducing infrastructure and transmission costs.

InfoGuard 100 was jointly developed by Cylink and GTE Broadband Systems.

Both companies will support the product through existing customer-service organizations worldwide and will continue developing further enhancements to InfoGuard 100.

"In order to realize the full potential of ATM's ability to send data, video and voice simultaneously, an ATM network must have high levels of integrity and privacy," said Michael Guzelian, director of marketing, GTE Broadband Systems. "Commercial ATM encryption provided by InfoGuard 100 will allow users to move from private applications to the public network with end-to-end protection."

GTE Broadband Systems designs and manufactures the SPANet(sm) 4000 Series of ATM switches. When GTE's SPANet 4050 switch is combined with an InfoGuard 100 encryptor, the system provides comprehensive security features, including authentication, integrity, misdelivery protection as well as cell encryption. The InfoGuard 100 payload encryptor gives users Security-on-Demand( since connections can be identified as secure or non-secure as soon as the link is set up and before transmission begins.

"This product is breaking new ground," said David Morris, vice president of new business development for Cylink. "Encryption is an excellent method for performing authentication of end points and switches at the ATM transport level. The InfoGuard 100's public key-based encryption process provides a method of distributing secret keys automatically and in a cost-effective manner."

Current ATM users must migrate their existing network applications to ATM service technology in order to take advantage of InfoGuard 100's security benefits. InfoGuard 100 will begin shipping in March 1996. U.S. pricing starts at $49,950.

"Once deployed, the savings derived in one year from migrating from a leased-line environment to an ATM network more than covers the cost of the InfoGuard ATM cell encryptor," Morris said. "The principal return on investment is the security provided by preventing the exposure of a company to damaging information tapping, tampering or loss. The InfoGuard 100 will extend our product line into ATM transport technology."

InfoGuard 100 complies with the ATM Forum UNI 3.1 standard. The Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm used in this new product is approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and key management is based on the Diffie-Hellman public-key technique (ANSI X9.42).

Cylink Corporation is the largest provider of enterprise-wide network information security products and wireless communications. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Cylink provides a complete line of information-security products and enterprise-wide network security services. Cylink serves Fortune 500 companies, multinational financial institutions, and many international government agencies.

GTE Broadband Systems, headquartered in Needham, is a pioneer in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of high performance ATM switching and security products.

SPANet(sm), Security-on-Demand (sm), and InfoGuard(sm) are trademarks of GTE Government Systems Corporation.

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