GTE Internetworking, NetCentrex and Pagoo Connect to Create Pagoo's New VoIP Services

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Pagoo to Integrate Intelligent VoIP Architecture with GTE Internetworking's Quality of Service Voice Over IP Network and NetCentrex's Next-Generation IP Telephony Platform

San Jose, Calif. - GTE Internetworking announced today a significant agreement with Pagoo, a leading provider of IP-based (Internet Protocol) voice communication services and NetCentrex, a provider of innovative and flexible voice over IP (VoIP) products and services. Pagoo's Trident VoIP Architecture will use the GTE Internetworking's newly introduced ESP Direct service and NetCentrex's IP Telephony platform to deliver Pagoo's new line of consumer and small business voice over IP communications services. Pagoo will enable the home Internet user to easily access a wealth of advanced messaging and communication features previously available only in advanced office telephone systems.

"Together with Pagoo and NetCentrex, we are first to meet the market demand for enhanced IP communication services," stated Paul O'Brien senior vice president of sales and marketing. "We're pleased to be able to quickly deliver our state-of-the-art network to ensure our customers have the highest quality voice over IP and a global presence."

GTE Internetworking ESP Direct customers like Pagoo can quickly deploy their enhanced service solutions on a national level without having to make a large network infrastructure investment. ESP Direct is a high-quality, low-cost voice over IP service that provides local inbound dial reach covering 80% of the U.S. metropolitan population.

With ESP Direct, GTE Internetworking aggregates all of Pagoo's inbound traffic to a single connection point. For Pagoo's outbound traffic, ESP Direct provides termination to over 450 destinations worldwide. GTE Internetworking's voice over IP Services team has won numerous awards for network access design, product strategy and outstanding engineering expertise.

NetCentrex offers a complete, 100% IP Telephony platform that enables e-business organizations, ISPs, and Telecom Carriers to rapidly deploy IP Centrex services. The NetCentrex platform, based on the Intelligent Network architecture model, provides call signaling information for Pagoo's consumer VoIP services. Pagoo's intelligent VoIP architecture, a fully scaleable rules-based engine driven by user profiles, then enables Pagoo users to have complete control over call management. The alliance between the partners will enable Pagoo's services to reach Internet users around the globe.

"This partnership will enable first of its' kind VoIP applications. We are thrilled to offer our standard based and complete IP Telephony solution, the NetCentrex platform, to our partners, accelerating the deployment of unique, value-added IP-based communication services to end users," stated Herv Goguely, ceo and chairman of NetCentrex.

Currently, Pagoo's technology enables Internet users to never miss a call while online or away from home. Pagoo's Internet voicemail solution takes messages from incoming callers and instantly plays them back over the computer when the Pagoo user is online. Leveraging the relationship with GTE Internetworking and NetCentrex, Pagoo will expand from this core offering to provide a full range of voice over IP services available later this year, seamlessly integrating the telephone and computer to give customers greater control over how they communicate.

"The capabilities offered by our partners, in conjunction with our extensive experience designing intuitive interfaces and delivering seamless Internet solutions, will dramatically change how people communicate with each other," stated Joc Jacquay, ceo of Pagoo. "By working with GTE Internetworking and NetCentrex, Pagoo will enable customers to realize the full potential of IP telephony by bringing the power of IP telephony-in the form of complete call and message management control services -- to every Internet user worldwide."

GTE Internetworking, NetCentrex and Pagoo will demonstrate initial applications made possible by this partnership at Voice on the Net (VON) Spring 2000, March 27 - 30 in the GTE Internetworking booth #800 and NetCentrex booth #630/632.

About GTE Internetworking and GTE Corporation

GTE Internetworking, a unit of GTE Corporation (NYSE:GTE), offers business enterprise and service provider a full spectrum of integrated Internet services using IP networking technologies. GTE Internetworking delivers complete e-business infrastructure solutions including network solutions, dial-up and dedicated Internet access, high-performance Web hosting, virtual private networks (VPNs), managed Internet security, network management, and systems integration for integrating the Internet into business operations.

GTE is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies and a leading provider of integrated voice, video and data services. Additional information about GTE Internetworking can be found on the Internet at, and about GTE Corp. at

About NetCentrex

Created in December 1998 and headquartered both in the US, Santa Clara, California, and France, Caen, NetCentrex, is an IP Telephony company that provides a suite of VoIP products, the NetCentrex Platform, targeted at e-commerce organizations, ISPs, and Telecom Carriers that enables them to rapidly build VoIP applications and deploy IP Centrex Telephony services. NetCentrex' scope of applications include voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), call center and virtual PBX. NetCentrex' VoIP solutions are based on the Intelligent Network Model with an open standard multi-protocol architecture (MGCP, H323, SIP). All products are fully programmable and seamlessly integrate in current web programming environments. NetCentrex operates the first IP Centrex Portal, offering its solutions as a service through its Data Centers and provide training programs on VoIP technology, planning, and deployment through its team of VoIP experts. For further information, please visit our website at or contact us at 1-888-547.9899.

About Pagoo

Pagoo is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, and a leading provider of IP-based (Internet Protocol) voice communications services for end users and partners. Founded in 1997, Pagoo's technology seamlessly links the Public Telephone Network with the Internet, allowing users to manage voice communications with the added functionality of the IP network. Pagoo's first service is a virtual second phone line for Internet users, which allows them to receive and manage calls they would otherwise miss while connected to the Internet over their phone line. Pagoo is building a large, active network of subscribers, and will leverage this network to provide future IP-based services to consumers and partners. For more information about Pagoo visit the company's web site at or call 415-348-2400.


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