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GTE Praises Congressional Efforts to Keep Internet Competitive, Free of Regulation.

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WASHINGTON - Today Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Rick Boucher announced they were introducing legislation to address the crucial challenges currently facing the Internet and its future. The following may be attributed to Geoffrey C. Gould, GTE vice president of government and regulatory affairs.

GTE congratulates Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Rick Boucher on their commitment to foster increased consumer choices in the emerging high-speed broadband telecommunications market. Their foresight is reflected in the legislation they introduced today.

The provisions included in these bills will protect the Internet from the development of a cartel and ensure that the Internet can continue its dynamic growth without regulatory interference. The Internet has prospered precisely because it is open and entrepreneurial.

We welcome any effort to keep the Internet truly competitive. We trust that Congressmen Goodlatte and Boucher are the first of many voices within the Congress to consider the need to preserve the future of the Internet.

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