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GTE Praises Sen. McCain's legislation to free Internet from Regulation.

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WASHINGTON - Yesterday Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) introduced legislation to rid the Internet of regulation and facilitate the build-out of advanced data networks to give more Americans access to high-speed Internet service. The following may be attributed to Geoffrey C. Gould, GTE vice president of government and regulatory affairs.

"GTE congratulates Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain for introducing legislation that will assure robust competition in the Internet backbone marketplace and remove outdated regulatory impediments to deployment of high-speed Internet access services by America's telephone companies.

"Senator McCain has recognized that failing to act now to enable competition in the provision of high-speed Internet services and Internet backbone risks dangerous market concentration which could threaten the dynamic growth of the Internet and limit choices for consumers.

"As one of America's leading providers of Internet access and backbone services, GTE commends Senator McCain for protecting the Internet's ability to grow rapidly without falling victim to a cumbersome regulatory scheme which could only serve to stifle its development."

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