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GTE Wireless introduces Personal Communications Services (PCS) to Dayton area residents

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DAYTON, OHIO -- GTE Wireless today announced that it will launch its Personal Communications Services (PCS) network in Dayton, Ohio, on Jan. 25. PCS is the next generation of wireless communications service designed to help busy people manage and simplify their lives.

GTE Wireless PCS service takes mobile communications to a new level by integrating a digital wireless phone with simple voice mail, paging and Caller ID., all in one hand-held phone. It operates on a newly constructed digital network using code division multiple access (CDMA) technology. CDMA technology provides greater sound clarity, virtually static-free sound, enhanced call privacy and security, and longer talk-time and battery life.

Several calling plans are available, all without an annual contract or long-term commitment. Each calling plan comes with included minutes and features designed to meet users' specific calling needs. The GTE Wireless local calling area includes Dayton, Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

In addition to PCS, GTE Wireless will also market GTE wireline long-distance phone service, GTE prepaid long-distance phone cards, GTE Internet access service, GTE paging service, land-line products and PCS phone accessories.

The Greater Cincinnati area was the first GTE Wireless market to activate digital PCS technology in Feb. 1997. The company also operates PCS networks in Seattle and Spokane, Wash.

GTE Wireless provides wireless voice, paging and data telecommunications to more than 4.2 million customers in 17 states.

With revenues of more than $21 billion in 1996, GTE is one of the largest publicly held telecommunications companies in the world. In the United States, GTE offers local and wireless service in 29 states and long-distance service in all 50 states. GTE was the first among its peers to offer "one-stop shopping" for local, long-distance and Internet access services. Outside the United States, where GTE has operated for more than 40 years, the company serves approximately 7 million customers. GTE is also a leader in government and defense communications systems and equipment, directories and telecommunications-based information services, and aircraft-passenger telecommunications.