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Half-Price Wireless Long Distance, Special Calling Features and Discount Volume Calling Help Business Customers Choose Just the Services They Need.

IRVING, Texas - GTE Wireless announced today that it is expanding its existing portfolio of wireless business services with two new wireless service packages designed to appeal to individuals and groups who rely on wireless service to enhance their professional productivity.

For individual business people, GTE's new Personal Productivity Pack offers half-price domestic wireless long distance service and other special features specifically designed for those who must be away from the office frequently, but require the convenience and accessibility of the office.

For mobile work groups, GTE's new Group Calling Packages offer up to 5,000 minutes of local mobile-to-mobile calling and other specially selected features. The result is a complete wireless business solution for local mobile work groups whose members need to stay in touch with one another and with the main office regardless of location on a job site, a customer's facility or other remote location.

Expanding Customer Options

In February of this year, GTE launched its AmericaChoice(SM) plans, which allow business travelers to use their included minutes to roam throughout the United States without incurring roaming or long distance charges. GTE's new Group Calling and Personal Productivity packages now provide additional offerings for local business users and, as a result, round out the company's offerings of key business solutions.

"By adding these two new offers to our business portfolio, GTE Wireless is the first company to offer a tailored business solution for every business customer, regardless of their individual wireless needs," said Rob Keller, GTE director of business marketing. "GTE's new Personal Productivity Pack and Group Calling Packages further solidify GTE's leadership position in the wireless-communications industry. Our goal is to be the one wireless company that has it all for business users."

Personal Productivity Pack Lowers Long-Distance Charges

Business professionals can benefit from the GTE Personal Productivity Pack in a variety of ways. For the lawyer who spends her morning in court, GTE's Personal Productivity Pack allows her to check voice messages on her GTE Wireless handset and then respond to an out-of-town client without concern for the resulting toll costs. A real estate agent can coordinate an impromptu conference call among himself, a builder and an out-of-town mortgage lender while sitting in his car outside an appointment for a new listing, with the same confidence that his wireless service bill will be predictable.

By choosing the GTE Personal Productivity Pack, GTE customers can cut their wireless long distance rates in half. The result is wireless long distance at a rate often equal to or lower than the rate for placing a call from the office. The GTE Personal Productivity Pack also offers a versatile package of popular features, including:

  • Voice mail
  • Call management features including call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling and no answer/busy transfer
  • Detailed billing.

The cost for the GTE Personal Productivity Pack is $5.95 per month with basic voice mail, or $8.95 per month for a package with enhanced voice mail. Either service package may be added to most existing GTE rate plans.

Group Calling Offers Unprecedented Calling Value Among Mobile Workers

GTE's new Group Calling Packages provide increasingly cost-effective and practical communications solutions for mobile work groups. For example, a construction supervisor can use mobile-to-mobile minutes throughout the day to stay in touch with work crews at various job sites throughout the local area. When work priorities change, the supervisor can call a single 800 number and have an operator-assisted text message instantly sent to the handset of each involved worker - all while standing in the middle of a job site. No buttons to push or codes to remember.

Many other types of mobile workers can also benefit. For example, an appliance repair company can use mobile-to-mobile minutes to communicate from a central dispatcher to drivers of repair trucks throughout the local area. Using PC text messaging, the dispatcher can send addresses and phone numbers directly to the handset of the driver, thus negating the need for him to pull over and take notes. Individual repair workers can also use their mobile-to-mobile minutes to determine who might have a needed part on their truck, or who might be able to help resolve a particularly sticky repair problem. The result is increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"GTE' s new Group Calling Packages offer complete and practical solutions to meet the needs of individuals who make their living away from a convenient wall jack," Keller commented.

Business customers can choose the GTE Group Calling Advantage Package, which includes 5000 local mobile-to-mobile minutes or, for those with more limited calling requirements, the GTE Group Calling Plus Package, which offers 400 local mobile-to-mobile minutes. There are no minimum or maximum group sizes, and mobile-to-mobile minutes can be used to call any other GTE Wireless user on GTE's local wireless network. In addition, the minutes can be used to call a designated local or 800 main office number - perfect for staying in touch with a dispatcher or main office service coordinator. Group Calling Packages also include:

  • Unlimited operator-assisted text messaging
  • 100 PC-initiated text messages per month
  • Enhanced voice mail with pager notification
  • Call-management features such as call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling and no answer/busy transfer
  • Detailed billing.

GTE's Group Calling pricing varies by market. For more information about GTE's Personal Productivity Pack or Group Calling Packages, visit GTE's web site at Certain restrictions and conditions apply to GTE's Personal Productivity Pack and Group Calling Packages.

About GTE

GTE Wireless provides wireless voice and data telecommunications services to more than five million customers in 17 states. GTE Wireless is a part of GTE Corp. (NYSE:GTE). With 1998 revenues of more than $25 billion, GTE is a leading telecommunications provider with one of the industry's broadest arrays of products and services. In the United States, in addition to its wireless service, GTE provides local service in 28 states as well as nationwide long-distance, directory, and internetworking services ranging from dial-up Internet access for residential and small-business consumers to Web-based applications for Fortune 500 companies. Outside the United States, the company serves customers on five continents. More information about GTE Wireless and GTE Corp. can be found on the Internet at


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