Inauguration Events To Use Wireless Technology For Souvenir Sales; Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile and Hypercom To Furnish Solution

Inauguration Events To Use Wireless Technology For Souvenir Sales; Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile and Hypercom To Furnish Solution

January 15, 1997

Media contacts:

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile

Maggie Aloia Rohr (908)306-7757


Hypercom, Inc.

Liza Kurtz (212)995-5680, x210


First USA Paymentech

Rodney Bell (214)849-3776


BEDMINSTER, NJ -- The anticipated 800,000 attendees at
presidential inaugural parade will be able to purchase event souvenirs
more easily than ever via a high tech wireless telecommunications
solution from Bell Atlantic NYNEX
(BANM) and Hypercom,
a solution that links to the inauguration's technology theme, "An
American Journey: Building a Bridge to the 21st Century."

The two companies teamed to provide Adspecs/IMAGExpress, the official
inaugural souvenir subcontractor, with the technology and service to
perform secure wireless credit and debit card authorization. This
will allow Adspecs/ IMAGExpress to set up approximately 55 temporary
souvenir stands outdoors along the parade route and where traditional
telephone lines are unavailable. Participants will therefore have the
convenient option of using their credit cards for the purchase of a
range of commemorative items, including clothing, blankets and
American flags.

Adspecs/IMAGExpress will also use the technology from BANM and
Hypercom during the National Mall public events --
"An American Journey" of music, food and interactive technology
-- on
Saturday and Sunday, January 18th and 19th. Up to 500,000 people are
expected to attend.

To meet Adspecs/IMAGExpress' need for temporary souvenir stands, Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile paired its AirBridge® Packet network service,
which uses cellular digital packet data HREF="http://www.banm.com/amy_data/CDPD1.HTM">(CDPD) technology, with
Hypercom's T7PRC wireless point-of-sale terminals. To complete the
solution, Hypercom will provide connectivity between
Adspecs/IMAGExpress and the credit card processor, First USA

With a CDPD radio modem connected to the AirBridge network,
Adspecs/IMAGExpress' employees will be able to send and receive
information about credit card limits and approvals in six seconds, on
average. A typical landline connection takes nearly 20 seconds.
Also, unlike other wireless options, the CDPD airlink is encrypted for
data security. The cost of CDPD-originated credit card transactions
is comparable to those using standard landlines.

CDPD is a technology that efficiently transmits short bursts or
"packets" of data over the cellular infrastructure. Its
open and widely supported standard is based on the Internet protocol
(TCP/IP) for ease of implementation. AirBridge Packet service
complements the other wireless data services presently offered by Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile: AirBridge Fax, AirBridge Circuit-switched
solutions, and AirBridge Gateway.