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Independent Auditor's Final Report Shows New York Local Network Open to Competitors

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Independent Auditor's Final Report Shows
New York Local Network Open to

KPMG Peat Marwick's Final Report on
Bell Atlantic's Systems Test Released Today

August 6, 1999


Shannon Fioravanti,

Background: KPMG Peat Marwick released its final report today on the
tests of the systems Bell Atlantic uses to support local competition in New
York. KPMG examined Bell Atlantic's New York wholesale systems for
almost a year. The publication of the report now clears the way for the
New York Public Service Commission's (PSC) final review of Bell
Atlantic's long distance filing. KPMG's test examined over 600
performance criteria, covering thousands of individual test items involving
Bell Atlantic's operational support systems. The following statement may
be attributed to Paul A. Crotty, Bell Atlantic group president for New York
and Connecticut:

The final report clearly demonstrates that Bell Atlantic's local network in
New York is open to competitors. Our systems underwent the most
comprehensive and exhaustive test of any in the nation, and there can be
no doubt that we serve our wholesale customers well every day. Even
AT&T and MCI Worldcom have acknowledged our progress in published

We are pleased that the technical conferences are over and KPMG has
submitted its final report. We look forward to presenting all the facts to
the PSC Chairman at the hearings scheduled for Aug. 31.

It is time to give customers in New York the freedom to choose Bell
Atlantic long distance service. The largest long distance companies have
used every possible tactic to keep us out of this business. It is time for our
competitors to stop the foot-dragging and delaying tactics and join us in
doing what is right for customers.