Jangled Nerves from Jingling Bells? Save Like Wild on Call Management Features

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Jangled Nerves from Jingling Bells? Save Like Wild
on Call Management Features

Residence, Work-at-Home Customers, Home Offices Targeted in
Bell Atlantic's First Quarter Sales Campaign

January 5, 1999


Jim Smith,

NEW YORK -- The familiar ring. It can bring good news from far away,
generate new business, or link you with friends you haven't heard from in

Increasingly, however, Bell Atlantic's residential customers are finding the
familiar ring is difficult to manage. More people are working at home,
and for many customers, off-hours are spent seeking quiet time amid a
deluge of messages.

Recognizing the needs of the burgeoning work-at-home market and
individual customers' frustration with the growing stream of incoming
calls at home, Bell Atlantic is offering new price breaks on packages of
services and value offers on popular individual products like Caller ID,
Call Waiting ID, Home Voice Mail, additional lines, and other time-
management tools.

And, while customers tame their busy lives, during the "Save Like Wild"
campaign they also will earn a chance to win one of ten "wild vacations"
of their choice, each worth $25,000, through a sweepstakes offer underway
through April 3. Entry is automatic when ordering the most popular
services, but no purchase is necessary. Ten winners will be chosen at
random in May.

"We see two distinct sets of needs in our home marketplace," said Bob
Ingalls, vice president-consumer marketing, Bell Atlantic. "For the work-
at-home customer, products like Value Pack and Big Deal offer super
savings on as many as a dozen different services, and fill the role of an
electronic administrative assistant."

"But when the door of the home office closes at night, we then find the
busy family intent on preserving a shrinking window of quiet time. They
might simultaneously talk on the phone and surf the Web. An additional
line helps. They might catch up on personal calls. That's when Call
Waiting ID is indispensable. Whatever they choose, our services help
customers manage the growing volume of regular mail, e-mail, faxes,
deliveries, and voice messages so that home and work life can stay
organized and enjoyable."

Building upon last year's enormously successful "Simple Savings Days"
sales campaign, Bell Atlantic is providing money-saving offers on all of
its time-management features:

Value Pack/Big Deal: This introductory offer gives customers access to
more than ten popular calling features, including Caller ID, Call Waiting,
Call Forwarding, *69, Three Way Calling, Voice Dialing and Call Block
for less than $20 a month. In addition to the savings the package
represents, the first month is free. Customers also can receive a free Call
Waiting ID display unit, a discount toward local phone service, or a price
break on a special phone that lets you use all the services in the package.

Call Manager: Customers ordering this combination of Caller ID, Home
Voice Mail, and Call Waiting for the first time receive a free Call Waiting
ID display unit or discounts toward local phone service with the purchase
of any two of these three products. Most setup charges also are waived.

Caller ID: Customers who haven't had Bell Atlantic's Caller ID before
receive a free display unit or a discount on an upgraded Call Waiting ID
box. Customers who order Caller ID and one additional service will
receive a free Call Waiting ID box or discounts toward local phone
service. Setup charges are waived.

Additional Lines: Bell Atlantic is offering a $20 savings on connection
charges through April 3.

Home Voice Mail: First time subscribers pay no monthly fee for the first
month of service. Some setup charges are waived.

Call Waiting: Existing Caller ID customers can receive a $10 rebate on
their local phone bills if they order now.

Last year, Bell Atlantic customers ordered over eight million units of
Caller ID, Home Voice Mail, additional lines, and other optional products.
The company expects the services to be equally popular in 1999, and has
designed the price packages understanding that customers needs are
becoming more complex, and service packages must help them simplify
their information management tasks.

"Using communications to manage your time effectively doesn't have to
be a hassle," said Ingalls. "With these offers, we're telling customers the
job is easy - and fun."

Customers can "shop" the savings in the Save Like Wild campaign and
place orders directly starting tomorrow at Bell Atlantic's Web site,

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and
information industry. With 42 million telephone access lines and eight
million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are
premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market
leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory
information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's largest
investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations
and investments in 23 countries.

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