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Joint Statement Of Bell Atlantic And NYNEX

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Joint Statement Of Bell Atlantic And NYNEX

March 20, 1997

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PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK - While HREF="">Bell Atlantic and HREF="">NYNEX are pleased
that the New York State Commission has voted to approve the Bell
Atlantic/NYNEX merger, the conditions of that approval need to be
carefully assessed. At the federal level, the process is taking
longer than we had expected. Our target for completing the merger had
been April. The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications
Commission continue to review the proposed merger. We remain
confident that the merger is in the best interest of consumers and
urge the Department of Justice and the FCC to act expeditiously. We
look forward to closing the merger as soon as possible.


EDITORS NOTE: For further information on the New York
Public Service
Commission's decision today, see a separate statement from NYNEX.