Kids Need To Call Home? No Change? No Cell? No Problem!

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NEW YORK - "I left my cell phone at home." "I didn't have any change." "I completely lost track of the time." Parents, now you can tell your kids that they have no excuses for not calling home. By dialing 1-800-USE THE VZ, Verizon's new discount calling service, kids can call home collect from a payphone without coins or a credit card.

Calling with 1-800-USE THE VZ (1-800-873-8438) is easy and fast. Kids just dial the toll-free number and follow the instructions. If they need help, they can always reach an operator. All kinds of calls -- collect, bill-to-a-third party, person-to-person and credit card - can be made without coins. American Express, Diner's Club, Discover and MasterCard are the credit cards accepted.

Instructions on how to use 1-800-USE THE VZ are being placed on 340,00 Verizon payphones in 29 states.

The service also works with regular phones, like at a college dormitory, a friend's house or some other place where toll calling is not allowed. With 1-800 USE THE VZ, you pay for the call and your kids have no more excuses.

Verizon's 1-800-USE THE VZ is not available in Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. The service will be available in those areas when Verizon is allowed to offer long-distance service there.

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