National Wireless Alliance Purchases INFONXX Diectory Assistance Service

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June 25, 1996


of the nearly
seven million customers of AirTouch Cellular, Bell Atlantic NYNEX
Mobile (BANM)
and US WEST NewVector, calling for directory assistance
will become faster and more convenient.

The national wireless alliance today announced it has signed a
contract with INFONXX, Inc. to supply its enhanced directory
assistance services in the majority of alliance markets nationwide.
Service is expected to be introduced in alliance markets over the next
three years, beginning with New York City, San Diego, Sacramento and

The contract is the largest single contract for INFONXX, an Easton,
Pennsylvania venture launched at the end of 1991. After the roll-out
is completed, INFONXX expects annual revenues of $23 million.

"Following on the heels of a volume contract with ITN for network
services, this agreement gives the national alliance members a
significant savings over current directory assistance costs from joint
purchasing," said Gautam Kalra, product development manager for
AirTouch Cellular.

"These services make it easier for customers to use cellular and
that's a key goal for the alliance companies," said Kevin Meehan,
staff director - network services for BANM. "When enhanced
assistance is rolled out across the alliance markets, our customers
will enjoy consistent directory assistance services."

For alliance customers, the INFONXX contract will provide nationwide
directory assistance and automatic connection. "On average,
customers call directory assistance once a month," said Robert
CEO INFONXX. "Given the choice, customers prefer to be directly
connected to avoid writing down and then dialing the phone number."
The alliance members offer this service under the Info Assist and 411
Connect names.

In addition to directory assistance services, INFONXX offers category
searches, local event information and movie listings. The company
also anticipates adding local market directions, weather reports and
traffic information in the near future.

Over time INFONXX can provide the alliance innovative, customized
services that will distinguish the member companies from their
competitors. "We can offer personalized operator relationships,
customized call handling for special promotions and other unique
services that will help build customer loyalty for the alliance
companies," said Evan Marwell, president of INFONXX.

INFONXX currently has call center staffed by a total of 500 operators
in Eastern PA and Waterbury CT. The company recently opened a center
in Riverside CA and expects to open six additional centers over the
next five years to support this contract.

The four-way wireless alliance was formed by AirTouch Communications,
Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and US WEST
in October, 1994 to create the
broadest market coverage in the industry. Combined, the wireless
alliance players serve nearly seven million domestic customers,
operate in 19 of the top 20 U.S. markets, and cover a population base
of nearly 170 million in 46 states and the District of Columbia.


Media contacts:

    INFONXX: Robert Pines, (610) 559-0200

    AirTouch Cellular: Amy Damianakes, (510) 210-3645

    Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile: Nancy Stark, (908) 306-6762

    US WEST NewVector: Lisa Bowersock, (206) 603-7427

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