Need A Pizza To Help Get Through an All-Night Cram Session? Campus Area SuperPages Has the Answer

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DALLAS - Picture this: It's late. You're a tired and hungry student. That 8 a.m. mid-term is coming up fast. You're staring an all-nighter straight in the face, and you'll never get through it without a pepperoni pizza.

What you need is the number of a nearby pizza delivery place so you can satisfy your craving and get back to the books fast. Verizon can help, with its new Campus Area Yellow Pages service at (, which is designed to help college students find what they need in a hurry. With a few quick clicks, students at more than 700 colleges and universities nationwide can now easily locate a phone number, address and map for nearby pizza places, coffee houses, restaurants, apartment complexes - any type of business you would expect to find near a college campus.

"This service is perfectly geared to today's students, who are chronically short on time and rely on online resources to simplify their lives," said Shirley Heath, executive director of e-commerce marketing for Verizon Information Services. "Verizon SuperPages is the first Internet directory to offer a service like this designed around the particular needs of college students."

Using the new service is easy. Students simply log on at, click on their college, and then key in the type of business they are looking for. In an instant, they can view a list of all businesses that fit their chosen category, starting with those closest to campus. While the default search for each college uses the main campus as the starting point, students can also plug in a different address - an off-campus apartment, for example - and use that as the starting point for searches.

Mapping features include detailed maps of the surrounding campus area, as well as a Map-Based Search tool, which plots the location of all businesses within a designated category on a map with the campus at the center of the map.

Campus Area Yellow Pages also provide links to each university or college home page, and the surrounding town's City Pages, which highlight top attractions, events and historical sites in the area. To simplify the process even further, Verizon is inviting each university to add the link of the school's search page to its university Web site, and students can bookmark the site to make those searches even faster.

Based in the Dallas area, Verizon Information Services produces and markets, the Internet's number one online directory and shopping resource. receives as many as 16 million visits and 9 million unique visitors a month and powers directory services on MSN, InfoSpace, Excite, Lycos,,,, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, BigFoot, Tripod and Angelfire as well as more than 2,500 affiliates.

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