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New FCC Chairman can 'Hit the Ground Running,' Says Verizon Executive Tom Tauke

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WASHINGTON - The White House today announced that President Bush's choice to lead the Federal Communications Commission is Commissioner Kevin J. Martin. Martin, who has served at the agency since 2001, will replace Michael K. Powell, who has chosen to leave the agency. The following statement about Martin's nomination to be FCC chairman should be attributed to Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president for public affairs, policy and communications.

"Commissioner Martin has an excellent grasp of the issues, knows how to move the FCC's decision-making processes, and can hit the ground running as the new chairman. He has a record of supporting the administration's broadband policy, and that is good news for consumers and the communications sector. This is a challenging time to lead the FCC, and I certainly believe he is up to the task."

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