New Lower Prices for Relay Center Calls

November 20, 1995

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New Lower Prices for Relay Center Calls

ALBANY, NY -- NYNEX is lowering the price of NYNEX Calling Card

calls made from New York State public telephones through the New

York Telecommunications Relay Service.

Relay services facilitate both personal and business telephone

calls between people who can hear and people who are deaf, hard

of hearing or require the use of a text telephone (TTY) for their

communications needs.

The price reductions affect two types of calls: local and regional.

Local calls from public telephones in New York State placed through

Telecommunications Relay Service centers will be free of charge

beginning Friday, Nov. 24. Relay service regional calls charged

to a NYNEX Calling Card will no longer carry a 40-cent surcharge

and will be priced at the same rate as if coins were used to pay

for the call. Regional calls from a public telephone are those

that go beyond the local calling area for that phone but stay

within a Regional Calling Area.

Other major telephone calling cards provide similar savings under

an agreement among telecommunications companies, organizations

for the deaf, the Federal Communications Commission, and the United

States Telephone Association. The pricing agreement follows directives

from the Federal Communications Commission that implement requirements

of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The New York Relay Service has set up toll free numbers for questions

about the new pricing policy and to help you obtain a NYNEX or

other telephone calling card. TTY customers can call 1-800-835-5515,

while voice customers should call 1-800-664-6349.

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