New "Share-A-Minute" and "Additional Line" Price Plans to Give More Flexibility to Wireless Customers

New "Share-A-Minute" and "Additional Line" Price Plans to Give More
Flexibility to Wireless Customers

Bell Atlantic Mobile Introduces 900-Minute Price Plan,
Adds More Minutes To Three Existing Price Plans

August 30, 1999


Brian Chandler,

Julie Horton,

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Businesses and families can now share their Bell
Atlantic Mobile home airtime minutes with up to four different users
when they take advantage of the company's new DigitalChoice®
"Share-A-Minute" and "Additional Line" price

"Business owners enjoy extra flexibility and cost savings when
their employees share monthly minutes," said Jerry Fountain, vice
president of the company's Southeast region. "These new plans are
great for small businesses or families who want the option and
convenience to share minutes among several wireless phones."

The "Share-A-Minute" program allows Bell Atlantic Mobile
customers who sign up on a new DigitalChoice wireless service plan of
250 home airtime minutes or higher per month to add up to four
DigitalChoice users to their plan for $12.99 each. All lines on the
"Share-A-Minute" plan can share total home airtime minutes.

Here's how it works:

A business owner, has one wireless phone with 600 home airtime minutes
of DigitalChoice wireless service for $49.99 monthly access and decides
to take advantage of the DigitalChoice "Share-A-Minute"
program to add a second line for the company's vice president, for $12.99
monthly access. They are now able to share the 600 minutes for $62.98
per monthly access. The business owner can also add DigitalChoice
"Share-A-Minute" lines for two more employees, with the
entire group sharing a total of 600 home airtime minutes each month for
$88.96 monthly access.

Bell Atlantic Mobile also has revised its DigitalChoice price plans,
increasing the number of minutes allowed on three plans.

DigitalChoice® Consumer Price Plans

Digital Choice Plans
Monthly Access
Home Airtime Minutes Included
DC 250
DC 600
DC 900
DC 1200
DC 2000
DC 3000
$12.99 each additional phone
Based on plan, shared with up to three other users

Analog wireless service customers can also share minutes of
airtime between two phones with Bell Atlantic Mobile's new "Additional
Line" plan. Customers signing up on any new Super System 100 or
higher plan can also share minutes with a second line for $12.99 a month.

Seven new Super System analog plans have been introduced and
for an additional $10 a month, customers can receive unlimited local off-
peak airtime on weekends and holidays and Monday through Friday from
9 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.

Super System Consumer Price Plans

Super System Plans
Monthly Access
Home Airtime Minutes Included
Super System 100
Super System 150
Super System 250
Super System 500
Super System 700
Super System 2000
Super System 3000
Additional Line $12.99 each additional phone Based on plan, shared with up to three other users

Current customers can get further details about upgrading to the new
plans by visiting their nearest Communications Store, or by calling Bell
Atlantic Mobile at 800-255-BELL.

Editor's Note:

Bell Atlantic Mobile owns and operates the largest wireless network in the East and
systems in the Southwest, covering 180,000 square miles, and the largest chain of retail
outlets devoted exclusively to wireless voice, data, and paging. Based in Bedminster,
NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 6.6 million customers and 8,000 employees from Maine to
Georgia and in parts of Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas. Through its
"Wireless at Work..." community service program, the company uses its
technology to help individuals and communities improve security and emergency
communications. Bell Atlantic Mobile's parent, Bell Atlantic Corporation (NYSE:BEL)
is one of the world's largest wireless communications companies, with domestic
operations in 25 states and international investments in Mexico, Europe and the Pacific
Rim. For more information on Bell Atlantic Mobile visit: www.bam.com; on global
operations visit: www.bellatlantic.com/worldwide.