New York Number Portability Trial Task Force Selects Vendor

June 19, 1995

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New York Number Portability Trial Task Force Selects Vendor

NEW YORK -- The New York Number Portability Trial
Task Force, comprising AT&T, Cellular One-Genessee Telephone, LOCATE, MCI,
MFS Intelenet, Inc., NYNEX, Rochester Telephone Corp., Sprint
Communications, Teleport Communications Group and Time Warner
Communications, has selected MCImetro and U.S. Intelco/Stratus to conduct
a feasibility study focused on trialing their hardware and software number
portability solutions in the State of New York. Local number portability
allows customers to retain their local telephone numbers when changing
local telephone service providers.

The task force selected MCImetro as the platform provider in Manhattan,
and U.S. Intelco/Stratus was chosen to provide a platform which will be
used in the Rochester market area. The MCImetro platform relies on
software that uses a three-digit Carrier Portability Code (CPC) to send
routing instructions through the telephone network. When a call is made,
the dialed digits are sent to the local number portability database where
the CPC is substituted in place of the area code to indicate the called
party's local telephone company. The U.S. Intelco/Stratus solution, which
is called "Local Area Number Portability," enables portability by
decoupling user-dialable telephone numbers from network routing addresses.

The trials in both markets will take advantage of Signaling System 7
(SS7) and intelligent network components of participating Local Exchange
Carrier and Interexchange Carrier networks. The selected vendors and the
task force are assessing the network cost of deploying the platforms and
expect a New York Public Service Commission Order to proceed with these
trials in August. If ordered, the trials will be conducted over a
six-month period, beginning on or about Feb. 1, 1996, with phases
including a live traffic phase. The vendors selected will be providing
their database platforms for the duration of the trial free of charge and
will be responsible for coordinating all trial preparation activities with
participating companies.

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