NYNEX and Aegis Technologies Team Up To Revolutionize Banking Functions

December 6, 1995

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NYNEX and Aegis Technologies Team Up To Revolutionize

Banking Functions

NEW YORK, NY -- NYNEX and Aegis Technologies have signed a co-marketing

agreement that will enable NYNEX sales representatives to offer

Aegis' video teleconferencing kiosks to financial and banking

firms as part of a communications sales package.

Using NYNEX's ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service,

the Aegis video kiosks can be placed at remote locations such

as supermarkets, shopping malls and car dealerships, and provide

full-color, face-to-face video connections between bank customers

and loan or account experts.

By using the video kiosks, banks and other financial institutions

will be able to provide their customers services such as loan

applications and approvals, mortgage services, life insurance,

and more -- all without the customer ever having to set foot in

a bank branch.

"Much like automated teller machines, these video kiosks

will revolutionize the way consumers will attain an array of financial

products and services, said Georgene Horton," NYNEX director

of marketing for the financial services industry. "Across

the Northeast, NYNEX will be able to meet the needs of its financial

services accounts by including Aegis' high-tech videoconferencing capabilities in a

total communications solution."

Horton said the advantages to banks' using the video kiosks are

that licensed bank representatives or other subject experts do

not have to be located at each bank branch, and that "virtual

branches" can be set up in non-traditional and remote locations.

In addition, financial institutions can extend normal banking

hours, thereby improving customer service.

Aegis patented Interactive Delivery Platform features a two-way

ISDN full-motion video system, a scanner, an electronic pen and

printer -- all designed to help customers review and submit information

or purchase a wide range of banking services. One touch of a

button brings a trained banking product specialist to the screen.

Product calculations for mortgage payments, for example, are

done on the screen and can be printed out for the consumer to

take home. Contracts for loans and other accounts also can be

printed for customer signatures.

According to Joseph Cross, president of Aegis Technologies, "We

are extremely pleased to enter this agreement with NYNEX. This

partnership allows us to tap into the strong financial service

market in the Northeast and eventually offer people the ease and

convenience of one-stop, face-to-face banking outside of a bank."

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina,

Aegis Technologies designs and manufactures integrated, interactive

systems for sales and information distribution. The Aegis Consumer

Delivery Platform links a Video Call Center to consumer sites

with Aegis VideoComm, its communication and control software,

providing all the tools for interactive video delivery.

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