NYNEX Business Link(sm) Plan Introduced; Provides Discounts On Regional Calling And Bonus Credits

September 25, 1995

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NYNEX Business Link(sm) Plan Introduced;
Provides Discounts On Regional Calling And Bonus Credits

NEW YORK, NY -- NYNEX Business Linksm Plan today was introduced

to more than 300,000 business customers in New York State, providing

them with discounts on their directly dialed regional, or toll,


The plan is open to all businesses in the state with total monthly

NYNEX charges of more than $85, and offers volume discounts based

on every dollar spent with NYNEX, ranging from 5 to 15 percent.

The plan also includes additional discounts at six month intervals

that are designed to reward customers' length of time with the


Regional calls, also known as toll calls, are those made outside

a local calling area but within a regional calling area. Examples

of regional calls are those from Manhattan to White Plains or

Huntington, from Albany to Glens Falls, from Syracuse to Watertown,

from Binghamton to Oneonta, or from Buffalo to Batavia.

The discounts NYNEX is offering New York businesses through its

Business Link Plan are a direct result of the new regulatory environment

in New York State. The Business Link Plan went into effect, pending

a further review by the New York Public Service Commission.

Business customers who enroll in the Business Link Plan are not

locked into a term commitment in order to earn discounts. There

is no contract to sign, no fee to activate the plan, and no monthly

service charge for membership.

In connection with the Business Link Plan, NYNEX will launch

a television, radio, print, outdoor and direct mail advertising

campaign, urging businesses to "Just Say Yes to NYNEX Business

Link." The campaign was developed by Young & Rubicam,


"Price, value and a recognized name are the key determining

factors when small- and medium-sized businesses look for telecommunications

services," said Ward MacKenzie, NYNEX vice president for

Business Network Solutions. "With NYNEX Business Link Plan,

customers can get discounted prices for the regional calls and

bonus credits for even greater discounts when they purchase selected

NYNEX products and services that can help their business run more

smoothly. With quality service from NYNEX -- New York's communications

company -- and the Business Link Plan, these businesses are equipped

to make the right choice for telecommunications services."

NYNEX Business Link provides for a discount on regional calls

based on a business customer's total monthly NYNEX charges. Total

monthly charges for NYNEX products and services are grouped into

five tiers.

A loyalty bonus rewards long-term customers with an additional

permanent discount of 0.5% after each six months of uninterrupted

membership in the plan, up to a maximum of 4% after four years.

Also, to reward customer longevity, an additional 2% permanent

loyalty bonus will be awarded after 24 and 48 months of uninterrupted

membership in the plan. The loyalty bonuses are cumulative.

Additional discounts will be given in the form of credits for

every dollar of discounted usage. These bonus credits may be

applied quarterly by customers for usage charges on their monthly

NYNEX bill or when they purchase selected NYNEX products and services

(Custom Calling Services, NYNEX Ringmate, NYNEX Call Answering

Service, NYNEX ISDN Service, and more).

To enroll, business customers should call 1-800-232-LINK (5465).

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