NYNEX Calls MCI Statements 'Absurd' and 'Malicious'

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August 8, 1997  

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NYNEX Calls MCI Statements 'Absurd' and 'Malicious'

NEW YORK--The following statement can be attributed to Jack Goldberg, NYNEX vice
president - Wholesale Markets, in response to comments in a press release today by

"Today, once again, MCI took the level of discussion about competition in
the telecommunications industry to a new low.

"All the facts show that MCI isn't really interested in competing in local
markets. What's really going on is that MCI is more interested in keeping NYNEX out
of the protected, cozy cartel of carriers providing long-distance service in New
York. This is an open local market, and there is nothing to prevent MCI from entering
except its own business strategy, which is to complain rather than compete.

"MCI's rhetoric is absurd, and its accusations are malicious and groundless.
Among the 25 other companies that already resell NYNEX services, we have local competitors
that have processed more orders in a single day than MCI has processed since our
New York Resale Center opened in October 1996.

"NYNEX has processed all its resale orders in less than two days 97 percent
of the time, and we've never had a backlog of orders. Our systems are completely
functional and easy to use for the local competitors that are truly interested in
entering the market. These competitors send us orders that are processed electronically
without any manual intervention most of the time. In contrast, what few orders MCI
has sent us have been so full of errors that in a majority of cases it takes manual
intervention on our part to fulfill the order. MCI's error rate is nearly three times
that of other competitors providing resale.

"Furthermore, these errors are consistent and pervasive, and include the
persistent entry of codes that guarantee delays in their processing.  For example,
MCI has recently been sending orders for new line installations directing NYNEX to
dispatch technicians when, in fact, the line can and should be switched electronically.

"Strangely, the 25 other companies manage not to make these mistakes. If
start-up companies and others can successfully use our resale systems, why can't

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