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NYNEX Denounces MCI Ad Campaign

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NEW YORK--March 13, 1997--NYNEX today denounced an MCI print and
television advertising campaign that began this morning.

The ads deliberately mislead customers about access charges, which
the FCC requires long distance companies to pay to local companies for the
use of the local network to begin and end long distance calls.

After careful review, regulators have set access charges in order
to keep local phone rates low. In fact, access charges have been reduced
by about 60 percent since 1984.

In a statement, Tom Tauke, NYNEX Executive Vice President - Government
Affairs, said:

"These ads are simply untrue -- and MCI knows it. The issue
with access charges is that MCI doesn't want to pay its way for the local
network it uses to complete calls. MCI wants local customers to do that
instead. History suggests that MCI would rather take money out of Aunt Tillie's
pocket and put it in its own.

"Customers who want money back should begin by asking MCI what
it has done with past access charge reductions. The answer can be found
in MCI's own deep pockets. As NYNEX and other local companies have been
steadily reducing access charges, MCI and other long distance companies
have been steadily increasing their rates.

"The timing of these ads is telling: These ads are running at
the same time MCI is launching an aggressive campaign to compete directly
with NYNEX in the local market. MCI apparently believes that confusing customers
is a legitimate competitive strategy; it is not."

CONTACT: Jamie DePeau, 202-336-7825 or Bob Varettoni, 212-395-0500


Why do we say "no bull?" If you had seen MCI's web site or
TV ads you'd know. If you haven't, you're not missing anything.