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NYNEX eliminates tolls between Shokan and Kerhonkson

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SHOKAN -- Beginning tomorrow (Sat., Aug. 19), NYNEX Shokan customers will be able to call Kerhonkson and High Falls toll free.

Shokan phone numbers begin with the digits "657." Kerhonkson phone numbers begin with "626," and High Falls with "687."

In addition, Kerhonkson NYNEX customers will be able to reach Shokan toll free. However, calls from High Falls to Shokan will continue to carry tolls.

The local-calling-area expansions are the result of a survey of Shokan customers. Ballots were mailed to all 2,749 Shokan customers on May 9, 1994. Of the 1,148 ballots returned, 667 (58%) were in favor of the company's expanded calling area proposal and 481 (42%) were opposed.

The price of local service in Shokan and Kerhonkson will not change.

NYNEX High Falls customers were surveyed in 1992 and rejected, 70% to 30%, a plan proposing local calling to Shokan and Ellenville.

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