NYNEX, Lotus and Westell announce high-speed ADSL trial

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August 27, 1996

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NYNEX, Lotus and Westell announce high-speed ADSL trial

NEW YORK--Aug. 27, 1996--NYNEX, Lotus Development
Corporation and Westell began a trial that allows Lotus software designers
and developers to gain high-speed access from their homes to Lotus
corporate networks and to the Internet using Westell's FlexCAP ADSL
(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modems.

Using a standard residential telephone line equipped with ADSL,
participants in the trial can make telephone calls while simultaneously
accessing Lotus' corporate networks or the Internet.

ADSL is a rapidly developing technology that provides high-speed data
transmission over existing copper telephone lines. It provides a
dedicated 1.5 megabit link from NYNEX's central office facilities to the
homes of the 60 Lotus employees who will participate in the trial.

With ADSL, for example, a typical web page can be downloaded up to 50
times faster than a 28.8 kilobit modem.

"ADSL technology turns the copper in our network into gold," said Cas
Skrzypczak, president, NYNEX Science and Technology. "It's an exciting
breakthrough that will help us to mine the full potential of the NYNEX

"ADSL offers our customers a high-speed method of accessing
mission-critical data," said Brian Lane, group vice president, Marketing,
for NYNEX. "Our business is making sure the businesses we serve have
timely access to the information they need to stay competitive."

"The greatly expanded data pipeline allowed by ADSL holds tremendous
potential to Lotus both as an employer and as a leading provider of
corporate intranet and communications software solutions," said Dan Rosen,
Chief Network Architect for Lotus. "ADSL enhances home user access to
Lotus Notes intranets and databases from virtually any personal computer
via any standard browser."

"The NYNEX/Lotus trial will demonstrate the power of ADSL to offer
broadband networking capabilities that enable high-speed work-at-home and
Internet applications," said Gary Seamans, chairman and chief executive
officer, Westell Technologies, Inc. "Furthermore, the fact that ADSL
utilizes one of NYNEX's most valuable resources, the existing copper
infrastructure, makes the business case for this type of service extremely

Lotus and NYNEX are evaluating ADSL's potential to support work-at-home
products and applications for corporate intranets, and residential and
business Internet access.

Lotus Notes provides an ideal communications infrastructure by combining
enterprise-ready client/server, e-mail/messaging and the global access and
distribution of the World Wide Web, together with a platform for rapidly
developing and deploying strategic groupware intranet applications. Notes
enables individuals and organizations to communicate with colleagues,
collaborate in teams, and coordinate business processes within and beyond
their organizational boundaries to achieve improved business results.

Lotus Development Corporation, founded in 1982, is a subsidiary of IBM
Corporation. Lotus offers high-quality software products and support
services that reflect the company's unique understanding of the new ways
in which individuals and businesses must work together to achieve success.

Lotus' innovative approach is evident in a new class of applications
which allow users to access and communicate information in ways never
before possible, both within and beyond organizational boundaries. Lotus
now markets its products in more than 80 countries worldwide and provides
numerous professional consulting, support and education services through
the Lotus Services Group.

Westell was the first company to provide commercially available ADSL
products and has the leading market share worldwide. The company has
corporate and international headquarters based in Oswego, Ill. and Tampa,
Fla., respectively. Westell also has offices in Hong Kong, London,
Singapore and Toronto. In addition to developing, manufacturing and
marketing DSL and non-DSL data and telecommunications products, Westell
also owns Conference Plus, Inc., a teleconferencing and broadcast fax
service provider. Further Westell information is available at

NYNEX is a global communications and media corporation that provides a
full range of services in the northeastern United States and high-growth
markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Thailand,
Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland, Slovakia and the
Czech Republic. The corporation is a leader in telecommunications,
wireless communications, directory publishing and video entertainment and
information services.

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