NYNEX VoiceDialingSM Expanded in Central New York

November 13, 1995

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NYNEX VoiceDialingSM Expanded in Central New York

NEW YORK -- For more than 400,000 NYNEX customers in Central New York, placing a call
is now as simple as saying a name or a place.

NYNEX has expanded its VoiceDialingSM Service to include residential
and business customers in Syracuse, Utica, Rome and scores of
other communities throughout the region. The advanced NYNEX service allows
you to associate up to 50 numbers with particular names or places.

Dialing one of those numbers is then as simple as picking up the
telephone and saying the name or place associated with that number.

For example, the service may be set up to allow a child to pick up
the phone and say, "Daddys office," and the number for her father's
office is automatically dialed by the service.

As part of the service introduction, NYNEX will waive the initial

connection charges of $16 for residential customers and $56 for

business customers until Dec. 15, 1995.

The technological breakthrough was developed by NYNEX Science


Technology Inc., the company research and development organization,

and has been licensed for use by two other regional Bell companies

-- US West and SBC, formerly Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

"VoiceDialingSM service is more than another consumer communications

product," said Casimir Skrzypczak, president of NYNEX Science


Technology. "Its the worlds first glimpse into the exciting


of network-based speech recognition technology for the mass market."

Unlike other voice-activated dialing services, VoiceDialingSM


not require customers use special equipment or dial an access


before giving the telephone a spoken command. The customer also


the ability, at any time, to reprogram the service for different

names, phrases or telephone numbers.

To use VoiceDialingSM, a customer picks up the telephone receiver,

hears a beep after the dialtone and says a name or place. The


of the customers voice travels within a fraction of a second over

the telephone line to a speech recognizer at the VoiceDialingSM

center. The speech recognizer matches the name or place to a

previously stored name or place programmed by the customer. Once

the match is made, the VoiceDialingSM technology connects with


switching center serving that customers home or business to complete

the call.

The monthly charge for residential customers is $4.50 for 30 names


places and $5.50 for 50 names or places. For business customers,


monthly charge is $8 for 30 names or places and $10 for 50. The

numbers associated with the names and places are stored in the

VoiceDialingSM center and can be reviewed at any time by the customer.

The service can be used with a customers current home or business

phone -- rotary or touch-tone -- and the names or places can be

entered in any language.

Customers can also use VoiceDialingSM to activate other network-based

services, such as Voice Messaging Service and Phonesmart features,

eliminating the need to memorize access codes.

Placing the voice recognizer at a central location to serve multiple

customers at the same time provides economies of scale for a highly

cost-effective service.

"VoiceDialing service is as revolutionary to the telephone


as remote access was to the television industry," said Susan


Kennedy, NYNEX vice president and general manager of operations

in Central New York. "Talking to customers has convinced

us that

people are ready for the ultimate user-friendly way to place a


Residential customers may obtain additional information about

VoiceDialing by calling 890-7100, while business customers should

call 890-6464.

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