Omnitel Announces New Pricing Plans

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February 12, 1996


MILAN- One year after receiving its GSM license, Omnitel launches
innovative offer targeting both consumers and corporate users. Once
again Omnitel leads the competitive battle in the Italian market by
maintaining high quality standards and by offering cellular users
greater choice. Omnitel announced today three pricing plans, two
targeting consumers (a new Night & Day and Business Time pricing
plan) and one specifically targeting corporate users (Plus).

"Speed, innovation, client oriented service, quality: this is the
strategy that guided us in the creation and launch of Omnitel and our
new tariff plans reflect this same strategy," stated Francesco Caio,
managing director, Omnitel Pronto Italia. "Market research is
telling us that Omnitel customer satisfaction is the highest. Our
objective is to continuously improve our service and to meet customer
needs by diversifying our offer."


Consumers will benefit from an extension of the time during which they
can call at reduced rates. The new Night & Day plan calls for lower
rates from 7 pm to 9 am Monday through Friday.

Business customers subscribing to Omnitel's Business Time plan will
benefit from simpler tariffs: from now on there will only be two
applicable daily tariffs as opposed to the five present in the old

Monthly subscription fees have been lowered in both plans: 18.000
lire for the new Night & Day and 35.000 lire for Business Time with
yearly savings for users of 24.000 lire and 180.000 lire respectively.

For the first time in Italy Omnitel launches a tariff plan
specifically developed to meet the needs of corporate users, a market
segment which Omnitel considers of strategic importance and for which
it had not yet launched a plan.

The Plus tariff plan targets companies that want to create fleets of
cellular phones for managers or the sales force. The monthly
subscription fee of 125.000 lire includes 200 minutes of pre-paid
traffic. The plan has been developed for high volume users (peak rate
is charged at 495 lire per minute) and companies interested in this new
plan are required to activate a minimum of 10 cellular phones. In
addition, to better serve the needs of this market segment, Omnitel has
activated a new toll free number (167-227755).


Omnitel also announced the activation of a range of new services:
Data and Fax Transmission, Short Messaging and Caller ID.

Data and Fax Transmission allows customers to work from remote
locations. Users can connect their portable computers to an Omnitel
cellular phone and access electronic mail, or send text, files, data,
etc. Activation cost for the service is 50.000 lire while the monthly
subscription fee is just 5.000 lire.

Short messaging allows customers to send strings of alphanumeric
messages of up to 160 characters in length. The service is
particularly useful in situations when users cannot be disturbed, such
as during meetings, but nevertheless need to receive urgent messages
or information. There is no activation or monthly fees for the
service but customers must specifically request it. One minute is
charged for each message transmission based on the customer's tariff

Caller ID allows customers to see on their cellular display the
telephone number of the caller, provided both the phone and the
network from which the caller is calling offer this service. Caller
ID is free of charge and is presently offered only to customers
subscribing to the Plus Plan.


Omnitel celebrates its first birthday (one year from the issuing of
its GSM license) with two promotional offers valid until March 12,
1996. With 938.000 lire (including VAT) customers will be able to
select a package that includes a Motorola 6200 handset and service
activation. For 1.098.000 lire customers can instead choose the
Motorola 8200 handset (and service activation).

"Today marks an important date for us," added Franceso Caio,
director, Omnitel Pronto Italia. "One year has passed since we
received the GSM license and we have met all of our objectives. With
record speed we have created a national GSM network which is of
superior quality and technologically more advanced than that of our


for more information, contact:

    Patrick Trancu, TT&A, Milan
    Tel: +39-2-74-90-187
    Fax: +39-2-73-81-032

    Karen Ann Kurlander, Bell Atlantic International Wireless

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