One-Year Pact Earns Small Firms Big Discounts On Verizon 'Freedom for Business' Calling Plans

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NEW YORK - Verizon's three best deals on small-business calling just got better. Starting tomorrow, customers who commit to one of three Verizon Freedom for Business flat-rated unlimited calling plans for a year get $2 to $4 off the monthly per-line price.

"Term pricing appeals to small businesses," said Bill Hopkins, product manager for Verizon Freedom for Business. "A term price at a discount lets customers leverage the simplicity and savings of our three Freedom unlimited calling plans while tailor-fitting their calling plan to their business needs."

The three Freedom for Business offers allow unlimited calling within local, regional or national geographies. Verizon Freedom for Business, Local, offers unlimited local calling; Verizon Freedom for Business, Local and Toll, allows unlimited local and regional toll calling; and Verizon Freedom for Business allows unlimited local, toll and direct-dialed domestic long-distance calling. The new term-plans are being offered now in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., California, Florida and Texas.

In New York, for example, the term discount lets small-business customers buy unlimited local calling for $16.50 a month; unlimited local and toll calling for $23 a month; and unlimited local, toll and direct-dialed domestic long-distance calling for $36, with a one-year agreement. These rates are $2 to $4 below the normal monthly rates. The rates for calling are per line and are in addition to the monthly cost of the line. The term agreement does not lock in the price; prices may change, including downward, but a discount will always apply to contract customers' rates during the term of the agreement.

"Business owners know their outbound calling patterns, and the Freedom for Business plans let them customize their service to manage costs," Hopkins said. "The comfort of calling clients wherever they are without worrying about the meter running is a big advantage. Buying a package that meets your dominant distance needs provides that advantage.

"One-year term contracts, with discounts, augment the benefit of the calling plans themselves," Hopkins said.

An additional discount of 20 percent off business DSL is available when businesses buy the unlimited long-distance Freedom for Business bundle.

Hopkins said he expects that the term-pricing discounts will attract new customers to the plan, help Verizon retain current customers, and support campaigns to win back former customers.

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