Oregon Consumers Win as Washington County and 10 Cities Approve Video Services Franchise

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- On Feb. 8, the MACC (Metropolitan Area Communications Commission) Board of Commissioners recommended the approval of a video franchise agreement reached with Verizon for10 municipalities and Washington County. Today, Washington County formally approved the MACC recommendation, following earlier approvals by the 10 municipalities.

Verizon, connecting the nation's largest fiber-optic network directly to customers' homes, is building its all-fiber-optic network in most of the wireline telephone areas it serves in the Portland metro area. The 100 percent fiber-optic network is the technological platform from which customers receive Verizon's crystal-clear FiOS TV, ultra-fast FiOS Internet service and reliable FiOS phone service.

The following statement should be attributed to Verizon Northwest Region Senior Vice President David S. Valdez:

"Today's approval by Washington County of the MACC's video franchise agreement with Verizon means consumer choice in cable TV is on the way for more than 156,000 Washington County households early next year.

"Verizon, which continues to build out its all-fiber-optic network in Washington County, already offers ultra-fast FiOS Internet and reliable FiOS phone service.  This agreement now sets the stage for us to offer our competitive cable service, FiOS TV. 

 "Customer acceptance of Verizon's FiOS services continues to grow at a record pace because we have established best-in-class standards for TV picture quality, programming choice, broadband speeds and customer service."