PCS PrimeCo Picks New Orleans Office Space; Will Bring Easy-to-Use, National Wireless Services to Louisiana

August 17, 1995

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PCS PrimeCo Picks New Orleans Office Space; Will Bring Easy-to-Use,
National Wireless Services to Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS -- PCS PrimeCo, L.P., the wireless
alliance made up of AirTouch Communications, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and US
WEST, said it has selected Three Lakeway Center in Metairie as its New
Orleans office site.

PCS PrimeCo has leased more than 15,000 square feet of office space in
the building located at 3838 N. Causeway Boulevard. Engineering,
marketing and administrative employees have already begun to move into the
space. The company expects to have 50 full-time employees and many
additional contractors on board by the end of this year.

"We're anxious to bring wireless competition with new and affordable
services to customers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the surrounding
areas," said Rick Hicks, vice president and general manager for PCS
PrimeCo's New Orleans market, which consists of most of Louisiana and
parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. "We've specifically chosen to
locate in this area of New Orleans because of its favorable business
environment, technology-oriented work force and its central location."

PCS PrimeCo plans to begin delivering personal communications services,
or PCS -- a new generation of affordable easy-to-use wireless communications
services -- in 11 U.S. markets by the end of 1996. The products and services
will be designed for the large group of consumers who today may not see
themselves as cellular/wireless customers. "We look forward to our
products becoming a household necessity, and we believe they will be as
commonplace as wired telephones, TVs and wrist watches -- giving consumers
the freedom to be in touch anytime, anywhere," Hicks said.

PCS PrimeCo's 11 licenses, awarded during the recent Federal
Communications Commission auction, cover more than 57 million people from
Honolulu to Richmond, Va., and from Milwaukee to Miami. In New Orleans,
the alliance won a license to serve nearly 5 million potential customers.

The PCS PrimeCo alliance was formed in October of 1994 by AirTouch
Communications, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and US WEST. The four partners'
combined cellular and PCS "footprint" covers 26 of the nation's markets,
representing nearly 170 million potential customers.

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