PCS PrimeCo Quality Network Ready for 1996

January 3, 1996size = +1>


DALLAS - PCS PrimeCo, L.P., one of the fastest growing
companies in 1995, is well positioned to offer customers Personal
Communications Services (PCS) the latter part of 1996. PCS has been
described as the "next generation of cellular services" with
ability to deliver digital voice, data and video transmissions to
"people" instead of places. The company closed the year by
separate definitive contracts worth almost $1 billion with
infrastructure suppliers AT&T Network Systems and Motorola Cellular
Infrastructure Group to provide Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
systems in specific geographic areas that PCS PrimeCo serves.

Consumers and businesses are only months away from experiencing the
higher quality that PCS PrimeCo's wireless services will afford them.
Last October, PCS PrimeCo made history by placing the first PCS
telephone calls in Dallas and Houston using commercially installed
CDMA technology in the 1900 Megahertz radio band. PCS PrimeCo's
Chicago, Miami, Richmond, Tampa and Jacksonville markets also
completed their first calls in 1995.

All of the testing of CDMA technology, including that of PCS PrimeCo's
PCS systems, have confirmed its benefits including superior voice
quality, enhanced privacy, longer-lasting battery power in the phone
and greater fraud protection - validating the reasons why PCS PrimeCo
and so many other wireless carriers have selected CDMA.

PCS PrimeCo owns PCS licenses in 11 MTAs across the U.S. and will
begin offering PCS services to customers in the second half of this
year. The company built - in under a year--a business that will meet
head--on the demand for wireless services in Chicago, Dallas,
Honolulu, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans,
Richmond, San Antonio and Tampa. Some of the accomplishments reached
in 1995 are:

  • Won 11 PCS licenses worth $1.1 billion in FCC auction covering 57
    million potential customers;
  • 700 jobs created and 11 office locations established by year-end '95
    in 11 major metropolitan areas where employees are building switching
    and radio sites, clearing microwave spectrum, establishing retail and
    distribution channels, and more;
  • Selected CDMA technology for its enhanced voice quality, increased
    network capacity, superior privacy and fraud protection, ability to
    interconnect with PCS PrimeCo's owners' cellular networks, ease of
    evolution to broadband services and longer-lasting battery power in
  • Made first calls in the world on PCS spectrum using commercially
    installed CDMA technology from PCS PrimeCo's Dallas and Houston
    systems; other cities followed ensuring PCS PrimeCo will be serving
    customers '96;
  • Formed relationships with Texas Utilities, Telephone Electronics
    Corp. and others to enable the company to quickly deliver services to

PCS PrimeCo is right on target to meet the growing enthusiasm in the
U.S. for wireless freedom in communications. Today, approximately 14
percent of the population use wireless phones representing about $14
billion in annual revenue. Most industry sources forecast the strong
demand for wireless telephones will continue, with today's 45 percent
annual growth flourishing to increase the number of wireless phone
users to 100 million users by the year 2000.

Market appeal also will drive growth in wireless usage. PCS PrimeCo's
customer research, for example, shows consumers want services that are
easy to use, buy and afford, while business customers are looking for
wireless data services such as store-and-forward messaging (voice,
fax, e-mail) and Internet connection. PCS PrimeCo will offer products
and services that meet customers' specific needs.

Likewise, the anticipated lifting of regulatory constraints could
boost wireless sales as telecommunications companies begin to offer a
wider variety of services such as long-and short-distance calling.

PCS PrimeCo plans to move full-force into 1996 by introducing a new
national brand name and signing up customers for wireless phone
service in time for the holiday shopping season.

PCS PrimeCo, the four-way partnership of AirTouch Communications, Bell
Atlantic, NYNEX and US West, won 11 licenses to provide PCS services.
PCS PrimeCo and its four owners plan to create a nationwide wireless
network by combining their existing cellular properties and PCS
PrimeCo's new PCS licenses. The total footprint covers 26 of the
nation's major markets representing nearly 170 million potential
customers in 46 states and the District of Columbia.


for more information, contact:

    Brian Wood, Bell Atlantic, (215) 963-6204

    Stacey Mironov, PCS PrimeCo, (817) 258-1531