Pre-paid Cellular Calling Card Answers Back-To-School Bell

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Pre-Paid Cellular Calling Card Answers Back-To-School Bell

Bell Atlantic Mobile's MobileMinutes Provides Efficiency
and Predictability

August 19, 1998


Lynn Luczkowski, 203-393-1101
Chuck Murphy, 203-269-8858

WALLINGFORD, Conn. -- Consumers in Connecticut can now get cellular
service with no long-term contract to sign, no monthly bills, no monthly
access fee, no credit checks, and no security deposit. Bell Atlantic
Mobile has introduced MobileMinutessm, a pre-paid wireless calling
service for first-time customers or those who prefer to set a budget for

Now, for just $99.99, consumers can purchase a wireless phone and a
MobileMinutes phone card which includes 25 minutes of local wireless
calling. Local calls are debited at $1.00 per minute and wireless long
distance calls at an additional $.25 per minute. The company also offers
additional cards in increments of $25, $50 and $100. For the higher value
cards ($50 and $100 increments), reduced local airtime pricing is $.85 and
$.75, respectively.

MobileMinutes offers consumers control over what they spend on wireless
because they pay in advance.

"MobileMinutes is a popular option for those who haven't yet established
credit, and for those who simply want the comfort and predictability of
paying as they go," said John Palmer, executive director of marketing for
Bell Atlantic Mobile. "This service is ideal for parents who want to
provide their college-bound children the security and convenience of
staying in touch, yet want to control the cost."

At the beginning of each call, the customer is informed of the balance
remaining on their account for that particular call. They will receive a
reminder tone prior to every call and a balance at the conclusion of each
call. There is no activation fee. Each card is good for 60 days.

To buy additional MobileMinutes, customers can go into any Bell Atlantic
Mobile Communications Store or call an 800 number and use their credit
card to process payments on-line and update their MobileMinutes balance

When customers travel throughout Bell Atlantic Mobile's service area --
from the Northeast region down through the Carolinas, they can place calls
using their MobileMinutes card or a major credit card.

MobileMinutes is also available to consumers who currently own a cellular
phone but aren't using it. They can activate the existing phone by
purchasing a MobileMinutes card to suit their communications needs from

Bell Atlantic Mobile has the largest chain of retail outlets devoted
exclusively to wireless voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, NJ,
Bell Atlantic Mobile has 5.5 million customers and 7,000 employees from
Maine to Georgia and, through a separate susidiary, in the Southwest.
Through its "Wireless at Work..." community relations program, the
company uses its technology to help individuals and communities improve
security and emergency communications. Bell Atlantic is one of the
world's largest wireless communications companies, with domestic
operations in 25 states and international investments spanning Latin
America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more information on Bell
Atlantic Mobile visit:; on global operations visit:

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