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PrimeCo Announces Agreements with Six National Retailers

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PrimeCo Announces Agreements with Six National Retailers

New Digital Wireless Service Available at
Nearly 1,000 Retail Locations

October 24, 1996

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PrimeCo Launches PCS Service in 16 Cities

DALLAS - PrimeCo Personal Communications, L.P.
today announced strategic agreements with six national retailers. The
retailers, who will sell PrimeCo wireless products in PrimeCo's
markets, are Best Buy, Circuit City, Computer City, Incredible
Universe, Office Depot and Radio Shack.

"We understand the importance of securing strong partnerships with
national retailers. Without these agreements, we would not be meeting
the shopping needs of our target customers in time for the upcoming
holiday season," said Karen Little, PrimeCo's vice president of
marketing. "Our new simple purchase process means customers are not
required to wait in the store while their PrimeCo phone is activated,
or be subject to lengthy credit checks at the store."

The activation is the responsibility of PrimeCo, rather than the
retail outlet. Service is activated with just one phone call from a
customer. By pressing the "send" button from the handset, they
connected directly to one of four PrimeCo customer care centers.
Customers can also dial an 800 number from a traditional wireline
phone to activate service.

PrimeCo's new digital wireless communications
will be
commercially available tomorrow in Norfolk and Richmond, Va.; Fort
Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Fla.; Chicago;
Milwaukee; New Orleans; Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio,
Texas; and Honolulu. Austin, Texas will launch its service within two
to three weeks. PrimeCo will also operate 34 retail stores and a 1-800
sales channel.

PrimeCo Personal Communications owns PCS licenses covering 19 states
and 58 million potential customers in 11 major trading areas. The
company was formed by an alliance of AirTouch Communications, Bell
Atlantic, NYNEX and US WEST Media Group, and has nearly 2,000

The combined cellular and PCS properties of PrimeCo and its owners
include 39 of the top 50 U.S. markets, covering nearly 170 million
people in 46 states and the District of Columbia. The wireless
partnership plans to deliver to customers products and services that
are easy to use, buy and afford, and provide seamless nationwide
service. The address for PrimeCo's interactive web site is