PSC Makes Right Call for Maryland By Supporting Verizon's Long-Distance Bid

BALTIMORE - The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) today said it would support Verizon's upcoming application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer long-distance service in Maryland. The company asked for the commission's support in an April 12 filing. Verizon soon will submit its Maryland application to the FCC, which then will have 90 days to decide on Verizon's request. The following should be attributed to William R. Roberts, president of Verizon Maryland:

"The PSC's support means that Maryland consumers and businesses now are closer to reaping the benefits of full telecom competition that their neighbors in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia - and eight other states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions - enjoy today.

"We will move forward quickly to make our case for Verizon long-distance to the Federal Communications Commission."