Reminder: Ten-Digit Dialing Begins December 1 In 419 Area Code

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MARION, Ohio -- Callers in Northwest Ohio will soon be required to use 10-digit dialing for their local calls. Starting Dec. 1, the three-digit area code will be added to the seven-digit telephone number for all local calls in the 419 area code.

The switch to 10-digit dialing paves the way for the debut of the 567 area code on Jan. 1. The new code, called an "overlay," expands the number of available telephone numbers in the region without changing anyone's phone number in the existing 419 area code. By adding 567 to the same geographic region served by the 419 area code, only new phone lines may get the new area code.

"Since two area codes will serve the same geographic area, customers need to remember to always dial all 10 digits of a telephone number to complete a local call," said Robert H. Karshner, Verizon director -- customer operations. "Verizon encourages customers to start dialing 10 digits now to become accustomed to the new way of dialing and to make sure any dialing equipment, such as a fax machine, is programmed for 10-digit dialing."

The change to 10-digit dialing for local calls affects Verizon customers in Allen, Ashland, Auglaize, Crawford, Defiance, Erie, Fulton, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Huron, Fulton, Lucas, Mercer, Morrow, Ottawa, Paulding, Putnam, Richland, Sandusky, Seneca, Van Wert, Williams, Wood and Wyandot counties.

Since last December, callers in Northwest Ohio's 419 area code have been able to complete local calls by dialing either seven or 10 digits to complete local calls. That changes Dec. 1, when all direct-dialed calls within and between the 419 and 567 area codes will require callers to dial the area code plus the seven-digit number. Direct-dialed calls outside those area codes also will require a "1" plus the 10-digit number.

The transition to 10-digit dialing also requires customers to reprogram any telephone equipment and services that automatically dial a phone number. This could affect:

  • Speed dialing lists (including phone extensions, wireless phones or fax machines)
  • Computer modems
  • Voice mail/messaging systems
  • Fax machines
  • ISDN equipment
  • Business PBX phone systems
  • Burglar alarms/security systems
  • Electronic key systems

Starting Dec. 1, if callers forget to dial 10 digits for local calls within or between the 419 and 567 area codes, they will hear a message instructing them to dial both the area code and the seven-digit number.

Customers who request new service, an additional line or, in some cases, move their service to another address may be assigned a number in the new 567 area code beginning Jan. 1, depending on the availability of numbers in the 419 area code. As a result, next-door neighbors may have different area codes.

The dialing change and introduction of the new area code will not change customers' local calling areas or telephone rates. Customers will continue to dial 911 for emergency services as they do now. A local call will remain a local call even after 10-digit dialing and the new area code are in effect.

Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. Verizon companies are the largest providers of wireline and wireless communications in the United States, with 128.5 million access line equivalents and 28.7 million wireless customers. Verizon is also the largest directory publisher in the world. A Fortune 10 company with 256,000 employees and approximately $65 billion in annual revenues, Verizon's global presence extends to more than 40 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. For more information on Verizon, visit


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