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Sununu Bill First Step in Updating Telecom Laws

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Senate Commerce Committee today reported out a bill, introduced by Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H., that would set a three-year moratorium on state regulation of voice-over-Internet-protocol service (VoIP). The following response should be attributed to Peter B. Davidson, senior vice president - federal government relations for Verizon.

"While there are still issues to be addressed in this area, we support Sen. Sununu's effort, endorsed by the Senate Commerce Committee, to set a national policy that will allow VoIP to flourish in an environment of robust competition. This legislation would ensure that the development of VoIP is not encumbered by a patchwork of potentially inconsistent state rules.

"Specifically, this bill calls for a three-year moratorium on state regulation of this broadband service until Congress can address the disconnect between advances in technology and obsolete telecom laws and regulations. For the sake of consumers, students, health care patients and the national economy, let's hope Congress doesn't take the whole three years."

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